Reasons why you should Adopt a Child

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Adoption is a person can legally take care of the child and raise it like it their own. Adoption wasn’t as common as it is today. In prehistoric times, adoption was to help the adults more than the kids. In 1851 the first adoption law was passed in Massachusetts. In the mid- 1900s mostly all states passed the laws. The law was parents had to go through a process before their able to adopt a kid. There are so many kids just waiting to have a family for their own. Did you know that 400,000 children in foster care? Over 100, 00 of the kids are waiting to be adopted.

People should adopt children. In this article, it says “Of the 400,000 children in foster care, more than 100, 00 of them are waiting to be adopted.”(Copyright 2002-2019 Adoption Exchange Association, Pages 2-3). My first reason is for a woman who can’t naturally have kids. In this article, it says “struggled through months and even years of infertility treatments that have ultimately failed. So, they decide to pursue adoption as a different way to become parents.”(Copyright 2019 American Adoptions, Page 1). My second reason is it’s helping a family member who is not able to raise the child. Lastly, my third reason is the same sex couple can adopt a child.

My first reason is for women who naturally can’t have kids. There are many reason why women can naturally produce kids. One reason is a woman is not ovulating, and the egg is poor quality. Another reason is endometriosis and miscarriage. Endometriosis is a tissue outside the uterus that can cause pelvic pain. A miscarriage is a failure, and natural death of a embryo or fetus. It’s also less stressful for a woman because she don’t have to worry about produce kids when she can just adopt one. In this article is says “To me, the answer is quite simple. If you can’t have children the natural way, adopt. There are SOOOO many children already out there, just wanting to be loved.

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