Racial Profiling in Police Agencies

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Racism, discrimination, prejudgment, and hatred are the effects that tarnish police agencies throughout the country. Blacks who are pulled over by cops are scared that the judicial system is on no occasion by their side. Racial profiling places a fault in the confidence, amongst the youngest generation of black people, of law enforcement agencies. Racial profiling is the time a person or set of persons is prejudged against in a specific manner because of the color of their skin. Scholars have come to an agreement on the reasons and boundaries, of racial profiling, there is not a solution that has been generally recognized to work. The African-Americans of this country have been mistreated for generations because of their race. Racial profiling is damaging to the African-American population and culture. Racial profiling by law enforcement agencies makes it problematic for blacks because of the unfairness that originates after being stopped, questioned, or detained by a Caucasian cop. There isn’t an instantaneous response as to why blacks are chosen by law enforcement.

Even though the fourth amendment grants cops the right to search, cops know of shortcuts through the legal system that allow law enforcement to employ traffic stops for investigation. Arizona allows racial profiling through a house bill, SB 1070, in which the color of somebody’s skin is a factor to question nationality and cops are allowed to request identification ( Bell, Hopson, Craig, & Robinson, 2014, p.34). Research has proven that African American people are scared when stopped by a cop and wonder if they will be able to drive away. There have been numerous accounts of racial profiling, and nothing has been done about it. Such abuse violates trust in law enforcement officials who promise to protect and to serve.

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The mass media demonstrates the fact that African Americans are continuously being mistreated. This is not a post-racial society within the United States. Research proposes additional indication of racial profiling is needed to prove that it exists. There is no equivalent defense or equivalent righteousness if the judicial system engages in polices that are based on a concept that the only way to reduce crime is to target people of color on the feeling that they are more likely to be doing something illegal (Senator Corzine, Browne, 2001). The mass media also displays the exclamations of black communities when the kids of the community have been mistreated by the police department with little to no belief that the police department will be responsible.

The African American public strongly believe that there isn’t any kind of justice or righteousness for the African American community; a lot of people have decided to take the law into their own hands by pillaging and abolishing their own towns hoping to be listened to by the police. Research shows that blacks are being discriminated against by law enforcement. Blacks are devastatingly denoted as criminals, where as whites are naturally underrepresented as criminals ( Bell, Hopson, Craig, & Robinson, 2014, p. 2). Every time an African American is harassed, unlawfully investigated or even murdered families and communities are being ripped apart. There is a line of inequality that separates blacks and white.

Blacks have protested that racial prejudice is correspondingly within the Police department throughout the United States. Bolton (2003, p.1) thinks that racial prejudice exists within the precinct to stop blacks from getting promoted to higher ranking jobs. Blacks were being made to retire or quit being police officers. According to individual discussions blacks were mistreated by racial slurs, puns and isolation. Bolton (2003), believes that black cops are forced out of their jobs, because white officers believe that blacks don’t belong in commanding rolls (2003). If there isn’t unison within the police department then this must be damaging to the black community and any progression for black officers.

Our country has tried in the regulation of racial profiling, but it still has a lot of ground to cover. In the legislature a bill is being approved in Rhode Island that will hold law enforcement responsible for their actions. The police vehicles will be equipped with video and audio recorders. The bill will include that attorneys will have the right to view all recordings from the stops that were made. Previous to the passing of a young black male, Michael Brown, Hillary Clinton started a movement to put a stop to racial profiling by passing a bill at all three levels of government. Browne (2001) recognizes that this bill forms a federal ban against racial profiling, secondly, it delivers capital for the requalification of police officers on how to cease and stop the situation of racial profiling, and third, it holds law enforcement agencies accountable for their racial actions. A lot of people would reason that this bill is sufficient for the police department to see that racial profiling is not okay, but racial profiling endures in policing to this day. Browne (2014, p.1) states, “Hillary Clinton denounced the practice of racial profiling as “very divisive”, adding that innocent citizens should not be subjected to different treatment simply because of their race ethnicity or native origin” (p.1). The further people who are tangled with the subject of racial profiling, such as politicians, people of status and fam, the more likely the country is guaranteed to make changes in laws against racial profiling.

After the passing of Michael Brown, President Obama approved a law that necessitates police to wear body cameras. According to Hudson, (2015, p.1) Palestine, Texas is forcing their officers to fasten there vests with body cameras and retrain their officers to distinguish peoples are the ones to protect and serve. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the police are in exercise to aid them in adopting behaviors to communicate with the people for an optimistic meeting. These exercises is going to benefit them with being dutiful, and with their body movements on their method talking to a citizen in optimisms that this will recover affairs and remove subliminal prejudice.

Training and deterrence programs must be executed. If the problem with racial profiling is not taken to righteousness, then the insurrections will endure in pursuit of justice (Murphy, 2015). Discrimination and preconception give the impression to be the reasons backing racial profiling by law enforcement. The police department will repeatedly have the justice system on their side on their side, when it emanates to supervising people, weapons, and the right to kill if threatened. In reality, law enforcement needs to be partitioned outside their physical skills and firearm training. The justice system will make sure that the police department has all the gear they require to carry out the laws to keep them safe, but to not distinguish that it needs more than just a firearm to be a cop.

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Someplace throughout recent history the country has forgotten equality. This country has been in dissent for an amount of time on righteousness and fairness. Survived experiences have showm indication that racial profiling is an problem and pending the laws are passed, then the United States will remain separated. Racial profiling lasts to be the origin of war in America deprived of the other nations interfering. Browne (2001) claims that if decrees are approved, then racial profiling be stopped by law enforcement agencies. It is not ever acceptable to hate somebody because of their skin color; ample energy is required to reeducate cops on how well they connect with unalike beliefs, race, and general civilization.

Research has exposed the power that police officers have, the historical representations of power throughout slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, the U.S. civil rights movement, and beyond, all affected the mindset of the black community. The burgling, destroying, and undesirable gripe have cost this country a great quantity of money to reconstruct a community. Some peoples reacted because they felt righteousness is not on their side. Research has exposed that in the upcoming years regulations will be in place to defend minorities but didn’t give an instant answer to the problem. The United States can only try to put an end to racial profiling. Prejudgment, discrimination, and hatred are cultured so there isn’t an exact way to fix this problem.


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