Qualities Leaders Need to Consider and Use Cultural Differences in the Interests of their Organizations

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Leaders must make diversity a priority for example an Uber received a customer complained about sexual harassment from one of the drivers. Uber responded and informed the public that the incident was against what the company stood for and they did a full investigation. Leaders must get to know people and their differences, for example on the first day of class instructors always have an introduction discussion where classmates get to know each other. That is important because it is important to communicate and know whom your working with.

Leaders must enable rich communication, for example active listening is a good communication skill, nodding your ahead is showing the person that you are paying attention and that you care about what they are saying. Think of it more like a sign of respect. Leaders must make accountability a core value, for example everyone should learn to take responsibility for there own actions. If you have a responsibility as a team to clean a particular section and one of your team members forgot, instead of blaming it on them, just take full responsibility and get the job done because you are a team. Leaders must be able to establish mutualism as the final arbiter, you want your team to feel as though no one is special and there is no special privilege. For example all employees will be on a rotating schedule of for a different responsibility every week. Instead of having one group of people doing the same thing everyone is treated fairly.

Diversity is important in the work place because it creates a great reputation for the company and it allows employees the opportunity to work together as one. Most importantly it will increase profit because you will also be creating an environment for your customers to always shop with you. A culturally intelligent leader will deal with observed prejudice in the workplace by understanding why a person doesn’t like a certain person. I will create a training questionnaire to figure out why they do not like a certain race/person and then allow them to go study that race. I believe that a lot of times we may not like someone because you don’t understand that person. If we take the time out to learn a culture or a race then maybe you will understand more.

Discrimination is treating someone unjust because of there differences (age, race, or sex). Discrimination in the workplace can be prevented by going over company policies with all staff member. Making sure that there is a discrimination policy in the company’s handbook. It is very important that all employees sign a form stating that they understand the law when it comes to discrimination and the consequences behind it. Privilege is when a special right is given to only a certain person or a group of people. Privilege has impacted our society by allowing a certain group opportunities because someone else may be discriminating against that group. For example, Male privilege: A male will get hired in law enforcement before a female. Society believes that, law enforcement is a mans job even though females are just as capable. 

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