Problem of Tsunami in Asia

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Tsunami causes a lot of effects on the coastline, and these effects range from unnoticeable to devastating. Therefore, their effects rely on the traits of the seismic events which led to the generation of the tsunami also the distance from where it originated, its magnitude and configuration of the bathymetry. A huge tsunami carries with it a huge amount of water and energy that can cause severe damage when it strikes the land. Most of the damages caused by the tsunami are as a result of the extremely tall waves which carry huge water masses behind the initial wave’s front this is a result of the faster rising of the sea height with powerful flood into coastal regions (“Tsunamis|CDC”)

Tsunami s can lead to loss of life. As per the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention several deaths which come about as a result of the tsunami is through drowning. However, because of the destructions of public health and sanitation infrastructures, there is a significant deterioration in health conditions after the tsunami recedes hence many more lives are lost. Moreover, the tsunami can lead to water contamination and food supplies thus affecting an individual’s health (Srinivas).

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The tsunami can as well lead to the destruction of the environment by feeling the fresh water sources like lakes, streams reservoirs and aquifers with salt water and at the same time pollute the soil. These salts hinder plants from growing rendering farmland infertile. Destruction of some building can cause a chain reaction with chemicals which when carried to the sea settles at the seabed and affect the aquatic life.

The section involves designing a management plan that aims at protecting the American coastal city. Some of the American coastal cities include New Orleans in Louisiana, Honolulu in Hawaii, Miami in Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco in California, New York City and Chicago in Illinois. These cities are likely to experience natural calamities for instance tsunamis since they are close to the ocean coasts. Likewise, the regions are also vulnerable to experiencing huge waves from the oceans which lead to the occurrence of tsunamis. The emergency management plan will help in addressing the tsunami problem before it occurs and affects people lives.

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This Emergency Management Basic describes the coastal cities approach to emergency procedures.  The plan makes available the response of the City to extraordinary emergencies brought about by natural calamities. The program, therefore, is not addressing those emergencies occurring on a daily basis. Nevertheless, is more focused on the operational model and response procedures in line with large-scale disasters.  It, therefore, provides direction for emergency management activities as well as an overview of American coastal cities method of mitigation, preparedness, response together with recovery. This plans reports on American Coastal City emergency response plan and delegates duties for various emergency works.

This plan is developed to be studied, comprehended and practiced before an emergency occur. Those agencies that will be identified to be having roles to play in the program will come up with new and keep the presently existing standards of operational procedures (SOPs) which will describe how responsibilities delegated to them will be carried out to support the implementation procedure for this plan.

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