Privilege Oppression and Difference

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When we think of term “Social construction of gender” isn’t natural. Social Construction of gender is something that society has invented. Where individuals are taught to learn certain values, habits and doings. When we are young our parents or guardians choose how we do gender until we are at the age where taught that you can choose who you want to be. An example of gender being socially constructed is during Christmas time and you a young girl, you are given a barbie doll or a cooking set, but if you ae a young boy you are given a toy car or an action figure.

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Another example of gender being socially constructed is being taught that men open doors for women or carry heavier things.

What is ableism? What are two examples of ableism that you can see happening in the world? Ableism is the belief that society has placed to make individuals with disabilities are helpless or can’t do things that others without disabilities are able to do. An example of ableism is a person walking disability aren’t able to drive. Another example of ableism is individuals who are deaf aren’t able to communicate or understand individuals who aren’t deaf, but in reality, they can. Individuals who have disabilities can aren’t restricted from the world, they aren’t broken dolls.

Define the Axes of Privilege, Domination, and Oppression. Give one example of a privileged-ism and one example of an oppressed-ism. Being Privileged is the ability to obtain opportunity or advantages that others may not be able to or ever reach. Domination is the opportunity to have control or power over something or someone, in some cases the opposing force. Oppression is the positions of having control or power but using it in an unjust, unfair or cruel way. An example of being privileged is being given or able to have a car in your high school years. An example of oppression is slavery, dehumanizing people because they aren’t your skin color and putting them through brutal labor without them getting benefits or say.

What is the difference between sex and gender? Why is it important to think of these concepts as two distinct terms with different meanings? Sex is your assigned gender a birth or what gender you are biologically. Gender is expressive traits Characterized by “femininity” or “masculinity”. It’s is important to know the difference because someone can be dorm a certain gender but have the gender traits of another. For an example an individual who was born a male could possibly take on feminine traits or an individual could be born a female but may have masculine traits.

What is a microaggression? Give two examples of microaggressions in society and explain them. Microaggressions are comments or thoughts that unconsciously or unintentionally are made to a person that may be different than what you are or the way you are. An example of a Microaggression is, “So, what are you?” pertaining that someone isn’t from America because they look different than what they are used to seeing. Another example of a Microaggression is, “You’re too dark to be Spanish, so like are your Mexican.” This microaggression is implying that all Spanish people have light skin and straight black hair, and that all Spanish people are Mexican. When in reality they could be Puerto Rican or Dominican. These two examples come from experience.

Intersectionality is oppression or (sometimes and) discrimination that in different forms affect individuals who are minorities in society’s social setting by their race, gender, class, sexuality, disability and age. Heterosexism is discriminations towards individuals for being homosexual because they think that it’s against society’s belief (that has turned into a norm) that an individual should be attracted to the opposite gender of one’s self. This is oppression because the judgment you place on an individual is against their freedom to like or attracted who ever they please. An example of heterosexism is how the United States bans lesbian, gay or transgender individuals to be in the military.

Racism is prejudice discrimination against an individual because on their race because of the belief that the other race is subjacent to their own. Racism is oppression because it’s looking down upon someone because they don’t look like you, aren’t the same color as you, or not the same ethnicity as you. An example of racism is saying to a black person, “You don’t look like you listen to Carrie Underwood.” or saying to a Mexican, “You don’t speak Spanish?” Sizeism is discrimination against someone because they are shorter or taller than one’s self. Sizeism is oppression because a person cannot change the height, they a were born with, it’s a natural thing that we cannot control. An example of Sizeism is saying to person who is short “I bet you aren’t tall enough to ride rides at an amusement park, are you?” or saying to a tall person, “You play basketball, right?”.

Classism is discrimination against someone because of the other individual’s social or economic status. Classism is privilege because a person could be born into low class and have issues getting out or a person who is born in a high class has more of an advantage because they were born worry free. An example of classism is if someone makes high income and because you are in a higher class, you are able to give all of your children nice cars for their 16th birthday. Sexism is discriminating or stereotyping women based on their given sex. Sexism is privilege because men are giving many unearned benefits that women do not receive even though they may earn it. An Example of Sexism is A decision to hire you is based on whether you will be having children in the future or not.

Ableism is discrimination against individuals with disabilities, making it seem that they are able to do things and are helpless or That they are broken and need to be fixed. Ableism is privilege because an individual who is able to walk, others with disabilities may not be able to walk for good. Some were born with a disability. An example of ableism is needing to add a wheel chair ramp because your sister who was injured in the military is about to start living with you and in order to get into the house with stairs, you need to build a ramp for her to gain access.

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