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Two major points I have learned in this class this semester are awareness and new insight. The awareness came from the power point slides and the book. I was not of aware of the actual wording of the Constitution, and it implies that the importation of slavery (unfree) was legal. After learning this it was a little unsettling for me, in to know that even the United State Constitution did not even recognize African, African Americans as human being, but property of someone else. In doing so in my opinion, it set the stage for what our ancestors was to endure. Plus, a long hardship on injustice and inequality for our people and is still going on in todays’ World. That is why other races think so little of African Americans because we were branded from the being as property or un-human to the white settlers. Our destiny was put in the hands of thirty-eight white settlers in 1877. Some have carried that from generation to generation that it is still going on in the world today.

LGBT which stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender replacement for sexuality and gender identity. I just got insight on those letterings this semester. I am not in favor of how society treat LGBT and I think everyone should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their sexuality. I have a cousin who is gay, and he knows I do not agree with his life choice, but I respect him and love him unconditionally. I will all was be there for him no matter what. Violence on LGBT is an injustice.

Cultural Classism assure has manifested through cultural norms and practices. It is said to be rooted in the ideology behind an idea and can be constructed in different cultural beliefs. It tends to cause harm by damaging self-worth, causing shame, and feeling of inadequacy, making it hard to overcome hardship. Many people say that people are responsible for their own situations; that is not always the case. Children are not responsible to the situations they are born into, like poverty. As a social worker we can help them with resources to better enhance their skills to better their lives and their children through education and knowledge. Individuals are not responsible because no one will hire them, or not able to get a high paying job for the career they have went to school for. The needs for everyone are different and you must adjust the help that is needed according to the need. The one thing that remains the same is the respect and open mindedness that is given to everyone, family, couple and community that we are working with. There is a diverse cultural and they should be treated accordingly respecting their cultural as well and incorporating that into the plan of care that is being provided to the client or clients.

There are a variety of societies, first slaves, feudal, and middle-class society that exist based on distress patterns. A lot of energy is being placed on this exploitation without rebelling against the irrationalism of the system. Before development of classism everyone worked to provide for their family’s food, shelter and clothing an there was no exploitation of one another. When agriculture and animal husbandry started to flourish classism began. The world started dehumanizing people based on what they had had or didn’t have. “The have and the have nots.” This was in grained in children at an early age to put them and keep them in their place; so, when they reached adulthood, they already knew their place in society. The cycle continue generation after generation, every now and again you heard of someone getting out of their situation of poverty. Class system has existed for many reasons but the main purpose of them has been for the exploitation of many people for the supposed “benefit” of few.

As a social worker my role would be to treat everyone equally and with respect no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and educational level. All the while incorporating their culture into the service that’s being provide by social service. Welfare is on of those services that is being provided, along with HUD which both government programs. Along with these programs there are things that the recipient is required to do in order to keep getting assistance. The system is to help the individuals or families to help make ends meet. To help the enhance their skills and knowledge, which may include parenting, food preparation, or budgeting classes. Information on furthering their education. Whatever to help the individual or families to better their situation.

I have a family member who is on welfare and HUD, and she also receive child support for her five children who are of school age, except one. She is a twenty-seven-year-old single mother. I have continuously tried to get her to go to school to better her situation and be a positive role model for her children. She continuously says she wants a job, but she can’t work nights because she has no one to keep her children at night that’s dependable. I sent her job posting for job at her daughter’s school, she said it didn’t pay enough, never mind she’s not getting paid anything to sit at home. She finally said I don’t want to work. I was shocked, who doesn’t want to work, and they have five small children that depend on you. So, I had to reevaluate what I thought she may be open to. So, I said how about getting your GED and going to college or trade school. I asked her what she did like doing and she said hair. So, now I can come up with a plan to help her enhance her skill, therefore enhancing her life situation. By helping her with the situation that she is in, will help her children have what they need for as clothing, food, and shelter. She stated that she was open to getting her GED and going to school to do hair for a living. Maybe one day having her own shop.

Formulating a plan to help this young lady get started on her way to reaching her goal of becoming a beautician. Together we discussed the options and advised a three, six, and twelve-month plan to better help her obtain her goals. The three-month goal was to obtain the GED study manual. Start on one subject at a time with study the require materials and doing practice tests. I three-month goal is to just learn the material and being ready to start taking the parts of the exams.

Six-month goal is to have completed all five parts to the GED exams needed to get her GED certificate. Then once she has her certificate that school is completed, then decide where she want to go to college at for cosmetology and apply. Assist her in filling out the financial aid paper work to help pay for school. And see what other monies she qualifies for to help with transportation, gas and other needed items. Once accepted in to a cosmetology school.

Twelve-month plan she has gotten accepted into Delta Technical College in the cosmetology department specializing in hair. They offer two programs a thirteen- and sixteen-month program. She opts for the thirteen-month program opting to stay as close to her plan as possible in case there are some miss haps, she can finish as close to twelve months as possible.

Life happens, and somethings are out of our control. But me having five children and all of school age except one. I must have an action plan in place if one of the kids get sick or no daycare for the smallest one. I have two relatives that is willing to get the children if they are sick, no school, or I must stay late at school for whatever reason. I added them to the children’s list at school and daycare with a picture ID of each one. Also, have checked out a Drop-in Day-Care Center if the first to options fall through. If all fails, then call my instructor a head of time and informed them of the situation and see how the time can be made up later. The key is to keep communications open and don’t be missing days at school unless they are necessary in order to stay on track with the plan that has be set forth. Always make sure the children are taken care of and is with someone that is trustworthy whether it be relatives, daycare centers or after school care. It’s best to always have emergency plan available for any emergency that may arise. In doing so will put your mind at ease and give your family the best care possible. Lastly have a money put aside just for the extra childcare help so as that won’t posse a problem as well. You won’t have to worry about how you going to pay for extra daycare if a child sick, it’s already put aside.

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