Organizatinal Beahvior

This study assessed the associations between three individual personalities when it comes to computer attitude plus user satisfaction. The three individual personalities focused on were gender, computer experience, and general academic results. Investigations done discovered that computer knowledge and gender create a major difference in contributing towards computer attitude of the respondents.

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However, the three special personalities did not create a considerable distinction concerning the academic computer system consumer contentment. A significant moderating effect was equally found in relation to the three specific characteristics on the association involving the computer attitude plus user satisfaction. Women have always been considered as the less interested and the least concerned gender as far as computer application is concerned.

Studies have shown that those women with moderate knowledge in computer, and the ones with poor educational background are more likely to indicate stronger and positive relationships between computer user information system satisfaction plus computer attitudes as compared to their counterparts. This calls to the act of encouraging females into obtaining standardized and extensive computer information. This way they will equally be in great and comfortable positions of operating computers, and exercising their interests. (SAGE Publications, 2002)The journal further explains that such bad computer attitudes are developed with the mentality that computer expertise is only meant for the geeks. It is believed that the computer knowledge and world is only intended for a few group, and that it was not designed for everyone to understand and practice it. This is totally wrong and such type of mentality are among the factors that contribute to the diminish system towards computer. With negative incidences such as cyber bullying equally plays a role towards increasing negative attitudes towards the computer studies.

Computer knowledge should be considered as among one of the most powerful tool. By applying the knowledge, an individual is able to solve the modern challenges and live a more comfortable life. Computer attitude should strongly be discouraged for this reduces the morale of becoming more knowledgeable and familiar with computer applications.Shmailan, A. S. (2016). The relationship between job satisfaction, job performance and employee engagement: An explorative study. Journal Issues , 1-8.Issues in Business management and Economics give out good explanations towards what exactly job satisfaction means, and how is it being achieved. It starts by giving out a quick reminder that successful organizations are totally aware of how important the employee satisfaction, performance and engagement are such important aspects towards achieving job satisfaction. (Shmailan, 2016)For job satisfaction to be attained, there are certain important factors that need to be achieved and continuously applied.

These factors may include like good communication, occupational fit, crystal clear objectives and appreciation. The study equally looks at the roles of both the organization and that of the individuals in it, and how they affect attaining job satisfaction. It further explains the relation between the employee satisfaction and the performance findings.Studies have shown that job satisfaction plays a major role when it comes to the performance and profitability of an organization. Job satisfaction can be achieved by allowing the employees to be self driven and form a strong relationship with fellow workmates. Such steps improve the employees’ motivation which later on increases the goals set in the organization. The employees have the opportunity of contributing in the company’s ideas towards achieving the goals set as a group also they get the opportunity of showing their skills in specific fields. This makes work become enjoyable since the employees are treated right and with a whole lot of respect, therefore helps in attaining a job satisfaction.

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