Organ Donation Programmes Across the World

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Organ Donation Programmes Across the World


Till 2014, Chinese authorities permitted the harvesting of organs from executed prisoners without prior consent from them or their families. In fact, in December 2005, the country’s deputy health minister estimated that as many as 95 per cent of the organs used in China’s transplants came from such sources.

Since then, China has banned the practice and is now trying to galvanize organ donations from regular civilians.


Iran is the as it were nation within the world where it is lawful to purchase a kidney. This, concurring to the government, is what has made a difference in successfully finishing waitlists for kidney transplants since 1999. An individual in require of a kidney is alluded to the Dialysis and Transplant Patients Affiliation which matches them with a potential giver. These un-related benefactors are ensured money related recompense of roughly $1,200 from the government and an extra sum from the beneficiary which shifts anyplace from $2,300 to $4,500.


With the highest donor rates in the world for 24 years running, Spain is considered the gold standard for organ donations.


With a system kind of like the one in situ in India, organ donation within the USA is predicated on an opt-in approach which suggests that anyone United Nations agency desires to will sign donor cards or families will consent to donation within the event of a darling one’s death. A majority of state laws even have the availability to provide state staff with paid leave if they volunteer to be live donors and nineteen states provide tax incentives for organ donation.


India Organ Donation rate is one among rock bottom within the world. Whereas European country contains a rate of thirty six per million and USA has twenty six per millions, Republic of India stands at 0.5 folks per million. Considering the population of Republic of India, this can be extremely an awfully low statistics. If the families of individuals UN agency die in accidents are willing to gift the organs, India’s attention sector can reach heights. In India, 500,000 die of non-availability of organs. 1, 00,000 awaits for Liver transplant however one thousand receives one.


According to World Health Organization, up to tenth of the 63,000 kidney transplants that occur annually throughout the world involve donors from developing countries World Health Organization are unrelated to the recipients.2 A common feature of this industrial organ trade is that the donor sometimes will not receive any post operative care that will lead to grave consequences. Another dark side of this cannibalic and unethical business is that the donor receives solely a little fraction of the quantity that the recipient pays. It involves malpractice and immoral behavior on half of doctors and hospitals wherever these transplant surgeries are carried out. Clinics in Pakistan have been rumored to charge on average US dollar 40,000 from organ recipients whereas a donor gets solely US dollar 1500 to 2000.2

The quandary that the world faces these days is to create organ transplants legitimate and moral therefore that the patients requiring transplantations get the organs while not exploitation of the vulnerable populations.

A study cited at a Harvard conference in 2008 found that:

70% of donors in Pakistan were bonded laborers

90% were illiterate

88% had no improvement in economic status from the donation

98% reported a subsequent decline in health, including chronic pain from large incisions.


Pakistan did not have any law to curb the human organ trade till recent past. In the finish of July 2007, Supreme Court of West Pakistan, the premier judicial body in the country, issued a ruling that ordered the Government of West Pakistan to enact a law control the extralegal organ trade in the country, particularly the kidneys. This ruling came out as a response of complaints that poor folks were forced to sell their kidneys by middlemen for terribly meager financial compensations. It was additionally a result of media reports in July that at least ten hospitals in urban center, a major town of the country, were found to be concerned in the black promoting of human organs.

The Government of West Pakistan, following the Supreme Court ruling, developed the “Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Bill 2007” in the National Assembly. The bill projected a variety of measures, as well as :

  • The restriction  of  organ  donation  only  to  close  blood  relatives  who  are  over  the  age  of  18
  • As well as  a  ban  on  the  donations  by  those  who  are  not  related  to  the
  • As per  this  law,  every  donation  has  to  be  evaluated  by  a  committee  of  medical  experts  that  would  determine  that  the donation  is  fully    The  bill  proposed  a  10  year  jail  sentence  for  anyone  found  guilty  of  being  involved  in  the  commercial  trading  of  organs


Organ donation is a subject that has seen much ethical and religious controversy unfolds surrounding it. Surely, saving someone’s life in such a manner couldn’t be disallowed, right? But here’s what the problem is:

  • It is the perception of most Islamic scholars and religious authorities that Islam forbids organ donation, on the grounds that the integrity of the human body must be preserved and not violated in any way.
  • This shall only be applicable if the deceased donor or his heirs express consent to donate organs, and the violation/harm caused to the corpse is minimized.
  • One can donate blood, or skin, because they regenerate and renew themselves. However a live donor can’t donate his heart, either for sale, or to save the life of a beloved, for his own life and health must not be compromised in the process.
  • Organ sale is strictly prohibited in Islam. This essentially means that one can’t donate their kidney, for example, in exchange for money, as is the general practice in Pakistan and around the world. Organ donation must only be done for the purpose of saving a life.
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