One Day our Life Will End is One of the few Certainties that we Carry

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Knowing that one day our life will end is one of the few certainties that we carry. And so, do everything in your power so that each experience is unique, each memory is joyful and each discovery is unforgettable. Live intensely, without fear of risking yourself. After all, time does not come back to do what we leave for later. The value of life seems a very insignificant thing to peoples eyes. It is not a subject that goes around everyone’s mind and many people spend their entire lives without seeking and considering which is the true value of their life. However, when we find ourselves in a situation that we have to answer to this question, it seems as if it is the most difficult question to answer because there is no right or wrong answer to the question, there is no right definition and everyone has their own perspective on the value of life.

A lot of people define their value of life based on how much money they have, how many friends they have, their family and even how many instagram followers they have. The biggest cliché of all the questions has already had the most varied range of answers. We could even solve this equation in a simple way: that each individual constructs his own meaning. That is because an impossible mission is here. Each life has its own peculiarities. We are different as to our attributes, history and desires. But deep down, that’s the kind of question that masks some of the insecurities we all have. We want a sense only to make all our sufferings worthwhile. Happiness, is the only thing that matters. The search for the meaning of life becomes another question, which people consider much more important: how can people live my life their fully, making the best of it, obtaining the greatest happiness and causing the greatest positive impact in other lives ?

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Perhaps we will never discover the real meaning of life, but it is very likely that we can find some ways to live better through this path. In life, what we have is not worth so much as what we are. It is worth what we do with what we have and, above all, it matters what we do with ourselves. People have the power, the power to do well, to overcome adversity, reduce friction, convince honest businesses, improve jobs, expand friendships, get peace in the home and everything.The more people become convinced that they can be happy, that they have in you the attributes of peace, action, endurance and love, plus the facilities come to them. However, if they prefer to live in lamentations, in refusing to practice good or in cultivating vices, you unnecessarily erect barriers to yourself.

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