O.J. Simpson Murder Case and the Evidences

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Besides the blood evidence that was collected to be presented at the trial, another keypiece of evidence used to tie Simpson to the murders were the hair and fibers that were foundat the crime scene. Not to mention that this was the last of the evidence collected to useagainst Simpson in the trial. However, the use of this evidence would not help in findingSimpson guilty for committing the double murder. As a result, this evidence was alsomishandled during the investigation and is another reason for why Simpson was acquitted forthe murders.

At the time of the investigation of the murders at Nicole Simpson’s home, it wasdiscovered by investigators that hair samples were left behind by who they assumed wasSimpson.According to Flynn,”It was reported byUSA TODAYhairs found inside of a capoutsideof BrownSimpson’s home was “similar to” Simpson’s hair (2016, para. 6).” Even thoughthepresence of hair by the killer was at the crime scene, the defense was not convinced thatSimpson could have been there to commit the murders. “It was countered by the defensearguing that the hair evidence proved the defendant was black and that it also could have beenspread while Brown Simpson’s body was being covered (Flynn, 2016, para. 6).”

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Furthermore,during the murder trial Johnnie Cochran argued his reasons as to why Simpson could not havebeen there to execute the murders. “As Cochran made his closing arguments, he tried on thehat and said that anybody can be mistaken for another person when wearing a hat (Bono,2016).” Apart from the evidence of the hair that was found while the investigation was goingon, there was also the presence of fibers that was thought to be from Simpson’s 1994 FordBronco.

In addition, the fibers that came from the carpet of the Bronco had also appeared tobe on other valuable evidence such as the bloody glove found in the back of Simpson’s homeand the blue knit cap that had been left behind at the crime scene. With attention to thepresence of the carpet fibers on each of the key pieces of evidence recovered, investigators feltthis was sufficient enough to link Simpson to the murders of his ex-wife and her friend.

“Mr.Deedricknoted that fibers from Mr. Goldman’s shirt, some of them bloody, had been found onboth gloves and on the knit cap, and that fibers from the cap had been found on Mr.Goldman’s shirt (Margolick, 1995, para. 15).” Basically, Douglas Deedrick, who was an FBIagent working on the case testified in court that the evidence collected at the crime scene wasa solid match to the fibers of the carpet from Simpson’s Ford Bronco. However, the judgeduring the case, Lance Ito, made it clear that Deedrick was not to give additional informationregarding the fibers.

“A ruling made by Judge Lance Ito did not allow Douglas Deedrick to bedistinctive of the fibers such as they had only appeared in a limited number of Broncosmanufactured between 1993 and 1994 (Margolick, 1995, para. 2).” Furthermore, of theselimited number of Broncos, one of them were owned by Simpson and was assumed to be usedduring the murders. All things considered, since the evidence of hair and fibers collected werethe final part to determine Simpson as guilty, investigators should have more cautious andcareful of the evidence so it was not contaminated.

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