Movement of LGBT Community

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Updated: Jun 07, 2021
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“In 1969, the LGBT movement was in full swing, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders started responding to the bigotry and hate thrown at them by the church, states, medical personnel, and people. This movement presented aberrance form already established gender roles which were immediately persecuted with trials, warnings, and exile. These persecutions emersed people into homophobia but also introduced them to the concept of difference. On June 2015, the government lawfully recognized the LGBT community and their right to marry. They ruled that same-sex marriage can in no shape or form be prohibited by the state, thus given the LGBT community their right to marriage. Adoption is meant to administer orphans to families who need a child to love, but with government redefining what a family is, its purpose is being distorted to match with whomever ideals seem fit. Our society needs to recognize that this issue is immense and is not just about the LGBT community but also about the kids in need of a home.

Foster care and adoption agencies should be elated that the LGBT community are willing to step up and adopt children in need of homes. “Mississippi was the last state to pass laws banning LGBT couples from adopting, but a federal judge deemed the law unconstitutional in 2016. Combined with the federal marriage equality ruling in 2015, this court decision now protects the right for gay couples to adopt throughout the United States.”(American Adoption, Inc) Many kids in the US needs homes and an abundance of eligible people are ready to provide those people with home but bigotry and hate cloud people’s judgment. An LGBT adoption law was passed to allow foster homes and adoption centers the right to refuse LGBT adoption for ‘religious’ reasons. This, of course, created a problem, people who wanted to adopted kids and give them a loving home were now being stripped of that right because of their sexual orientations.

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Kids won’t be compelled to be gay. “In the study, 2 daughters of lesbian mothers identified themselves as lesbian in early adulthood, while 23 other children reared by lesbians identified themselves as heterosexual. In a comparison group of heterosexual mothers, none of their 21 children identified themselves as homosexual.”(Dunlap) This study abolishes the stigma that if LGB people raise kids their kids would end up gay. This study clearly shows that your environment doesn’t always go hand in hand with sexual orientation.

LGBT couples are willing to adopt but are being held back by bigotry. “ secretary-general Ban Ki-moon called for all countries to fight against these acts of injustice: To those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, let me say: You are not alone. Your struggle for an end to violence and discrimination is a shared struggle. Any attack on you is an attack on the universal values of the United Nations I have sworn to defend and uphold. Today, I stand with you, and I call upon all countries and people to stand with you, too.”(Ban Ki-moon qtd. Carson 1-80) Even though Ban called upon people to aid and stand up and defend the LGBT community, many people, and places don’t acknowledge them or their legal rights. People regard their sexual orientation as an issue and hinder their opportunity to thrive. An example of this would be LGT adoption; The LGBT community are evidently open to fostering or adopting children, but many obstacles are put in their way to prevent that from happening like the Freedom to Serve Act. This Act allowed state-funded child welfare agencies to discriminate against LGBT parents on the count of ‘faith.’ Bigotry is easy to bring forth but arduous to root out, so such actions should be handled promptly not with just words but with action.

Children need both a mother and father to understand the social gender norm. “they feel disconnected from the gender cues of people around them, feel intermittent anger at their “”parents”” for having deprived them of one biological parent (or, in some cases, both biological parents), wish they had had a role model of the opposite sex, and feel shame or guilt for resenting their loving parents for forcing them into a lifelong situation lacking a parent of one sex.”(Lopez) Being raised by same-sex couples would make the child have a harder time communicating with the opposite sex. The child won’t understand the social cues that would’ve been picked up if both parents had been available to them allowing homosexuals the right to have a child would also allow uneligible heterosexual parents to have a child. “To speak of a “”right to a child”” instrumentalizes and objectifies the child. In the current debate, the child as a person, as a subject, is absent in the arguments of those who demand adoption for homosexual couples. This absence allows adults demanding rights to avoid asking about the rights of the child, what the child might need, and whether the child might prefer having a father and mother instead of two parents of the same sex. ”(Bernheim) The right to a child does not exist, just because you yearn for a child doesn’t mean you should acquire one, this goes for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Simply because a heterosexual may want a child doesn’t mean they will always get one. For example, a young hygienic and well-incomed couple may be evaluated and deemed more suitable than an old poorly income couple. If we now start recognizing the right to a child for homosexuals, then heterosexual couples who have been denied of a child or whose child has been taken away from them would feel victimized and discriminated upon.

The LGBT community shouldn’t adopt kids because it imposes more trauma on the child. “anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent of gay men and 20 percent to 55 percent of lesbians identify themselves as “”nonpartnered”” (Collier and Galatzer-Levy, 2000).”(De Vries 18-23) It is also highly non-ideal for a child to be raised with only one parent. With the stress all on that one parent, they won’t be able to tend to their child’s needs as much and the child will tend to be alone and have to take care of him/herself because the parent is off working trying to make money to sustain the both of them. This will potentially cause the child to become depressed because the child will almost always be alone and this will make the child feel unwanted and abandoned again.

Section Four: Author’s Argument

the LGBT community should be able to adopt because they are providing homes for orphans. There are millions of orphans in the world that are being left and added by heterosexual parents who won’t take responsibility for the child they’ve created, but when the LGBT community is willing to step up and take those children in their custody they refuse. the LGBT community suffer a plethora of abuse because of their sexual orientation. The government needs to stop participating in discrimination and animosity.

If we put aside our bigotry, equal rights for the LGBT community would be achievable. It, of course, would be a vigerous uphill battle to root out the seeds of hate, that is why we need the LGBT community and the GSA to stand together as one and demand change state and nationwide. Nonviolent protest and parades ideal ways to bring more awareness to the LGBT community’s battle for equal rights. Communicating with a political activist working in the government would also be ve advantageous. Even though most of society is progressive, enmity and discrimination still plague our nation.

The importance of diversity and acceptance, not tolerance should be stressed in the education system. It should be integrated into all schooling systems, beginning as a kid and moving through adulthood. Social workers especially should be adverse in these topics as well as assorted LGBT affairs, to be able to cultivate other’s knowledge. There are various ways to enhance knowledge without lecturing, like your media. In the past, the media would represent gay males as feminine and lesbians as butches, however, the media has been evolving. There are shows that bypass stereotypes and portray that homosexuals are no different from us. Many people are familiar with the 2017 comedy drama Andi Mack. It demonstrates a gay child’s fear of coming out and the kind of support that he should receive. It also demonstrates that a gay child is no different than a straight child.

Our nation has taken a sizeable step towards acceptance, but more could be done. Hopefully, in the future, same-sex adoption policies can improve and all LGBT individuals are given the same rights as heterosexuals. However, when laws come into place to protect LGBT couples, there will be discrimination and bigotry flung their way. As our nation grows so will our diversity, it is pivotal that we fight and press for the fundamental and human rights of the LGBT community.”

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