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One Who supports intercaste marriages. Very few people support a marriage where female is muslim and male is Hindu/Christian/Sikh. Its a taboo, and most of them say this is not allowed as per Quran. At he same time they accept marriage of Non-Muslim girl to Muslim boy. Especially if the girl converts.

Who are not critical of Idol praise and books of other religion they are highly critical for idols and things of other religion, if somebody bring idols in their mosque or religious books of some other religion is kept with Quran. In this age and time we should be not critical about customs other religions, especially if we want others to be not critical about our customs & traditions and live in harmony.

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Who know and understand ISIS are evil: I see many of my people sympathizing with ISIS. Saying they have been manipulated or are forced to do it due to circumstance and put all the blame away to something else. Its the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. These guys are killing people 24×7. They are doing all the heinous acts and say we follows Quran and are doing Jihad. In-fact Jihad should be run against these people. They are keeping women and children as slaves and human shields. They are in-fact killing other Muslims citing reason that they don’t follow some stupid customs which they think is necessary for Muslims.

Those who use logic instead of following Quran word by word: In todays world and age people of different religion live together. The world itself has changed a lot since the time of Mohammad. So we cant follow Everything in Quran word by word, but rather we should understand the philosophy behind it and use our logic to use it in the world of today.

Those who agree triple talaq should be banned: Triple talaq has been banned in many countries including Pakistan. Only in India we are having debate on the same. Triple talaq should be outright banned. Though I find many of my fellow Muslims supporting it. I feel its plain wrong, since its inhumane for women.

Those who agree hatred on Israel is not correct: Jews had been given land in middle east and they formed Israel. We must understand that Israel is a rapidly developing nation and could have helped in changing face of middle east. But middle east nations are at odds with it. Main reason being, Israel was forced to middle east. Now, there might be some truth to the statement but whats done is done and there is no good reason Arab world should be at odds with Israel. Whether its US or Europe we as Muslims always ask for democratic society and freedom to follow our religion. Israel is the only democracy in middle east!!! which means something. They even recruit Muslims in their army. Brothers use logic and see the real picture.

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