Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The author I got was Henry Louis Gates Jr. Skipp was born September 16, 1950 in Keyser, WV. According to my research he did not have any siblings, pets, or other important relatives. He did other things like: teaching, filming, public intellectual, and etc. An interesting fact I learned is that Henry went to jail for breaking and entering the residence. He was falsely accused of breaking and entering. President Barrack Obama helped he get bailed out of jail. Louis style of writing is formal, academic style.

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Apparently, he typically write about life back then and about Africans and African Americans lives.

“ The Signifying Monkey,” is about the black traditions in the past affected their knowledge academic notice and Partisanship unfairness reproving talk. In the book he has or talk about two theories. One theory was of the traditions. And the second theory is reading the traditions. African American literature traditions came from slave narratives. Another book is “African American Century,” this book reminds everybody that their will not be an American culture without black Americans. They celebrate black lives achievements and a tribute to the blacks that struggled so we can have black rights today in America that should inspire us for years. This book talks about everybody from Martin Luther King Jr. to Michael Jackson there will not be jazz, novels, sports, dancing, pop, or etc. without the people who made it noticeable of famous. It talks about how we are all shaped and influenced by the African American experience.

“African American Century ,” theme is Africans and African Americans didn’t dedicate their lives for us to take advantage of us have equal rights and black rights. The theme of “The Signifying Monkey,” is that if it wasn’t for black traditions we want have education. Henry in the book approached theme in “African American Century” by talking about the important people in the civil rights movement. But both themes are common because they talk about the importance of Africans and African Americans lives. Henry do have common themes in his work like the important of black lives. I like that all his books are connected with each other, in one way.

Also, I like how he talks about the importance of black lives. But I didn’t like how log his books was. I was surprised that he was the first African American to earn his Ph.D. I saw the author’s life reflects in the books by seeing that he got to do what he wanted by researching facts about important Africans and African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for human rights. Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop. Harriett Tubman helped African and African American have freedom. The Brown v. Board of Education stopped segregation. Martin Luther king spoke from Montgomery, Alabama for everybody in America. Michael Jackson lived in Neverland Ranch Valley and became known for his music.

But they all where know for helping in the civil rights movement. But the they approached it in a different way or helped in a different way for us to have equal rights. The problem in the book , “African American Century, ” is that people take advantage of what Africans and African Americans did for us so we can live equally as the whites. The solution was that Henry reminded us in the book of what they did and sacrificed for us to have a better life now. I will recommend this author to others because he is a very important person to learn about . He also is a very good writer even though he do more things than write. The books he write are very educational and interesting. My favorite book he wrote was “ African American Century.”

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