Lack of Virtuous Wisdom

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Updated: May 27, 2021
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“In the Allegory Of The Cave represents the common people and their lack of virtuous wisdom. For those men’s who are in the cave are seeing the shadows, but they didn’t believe them to be shadows.Those mens in the cave believe the shadows to be the actual objects.And the lights also the world beyond the cave represents knowledge and intellectualism. In the allegory, a man leaves the cave and has ascends. This men’s wise, because he would would rather suffer anything that entertain these false notions and live in this miserable manor for the rest of his life

The wise man in the story , who’s always in the pursuit of knowledge, would want to ascend in his knowledge or education . his doesn’t want to continue in comfort at the expense of his intellectual growth. What make him wise men is you believed for so long extends to all you ever knew, to your complete existence and significance in life.

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Has wise men since been in the dark, both literally and metaphorically, the light blinds him. And the light is too brilliant for him to see and comprhend. Due to his believe and see he re-educated himself over again, just because you believe in something no one else doesn’t shouldn’t stop you. His wise has make me realize we as people , believe everything we see or hear . But do we ever take the time to stop and think about thing around us? It seen like reality isn’t necessarily what in front of our eyes or what is presented to us. Has wise men must set up life goals , education yourself also your mind ,having to step out my comforted zoned.

The cave allegory also proves that the role of education isn’t to teach in the sense of feeding people information or knowledge they don’t have, but rather to shed light on things they already know.Today Education takes for granted vs allegory the cave that sight is there to used for our knowledge and education ourself not second guessing our choose . In the cave plato talk about how the group of men inside the cave where born and raised in there. There born in chain not being unable to move hands , head also legs forcing to stay together on place not being able to movie or break free.

Which the chain keeping them from leaving unable to leave and exposed outside the cave.Not using their knowledge or question them all they have is cave in front of them.After plato talk about in the cave some of the perison end up following him into the showard able to see what he saw and other wasn’t with it .

Plato’s been a wised men from the being of the story he show us why it not okay to jail our mind also yourself . Just because they look you in cave and tell can’t leave or be free shouldn’t just give up , used your knowledge and go see what out there. For example when those personer follower him and he had to re-education himself also mind he saw see the true and open his mind to leave the cave .

Reading his story has elso open my mind and i feel like we has college , high school student we always second guessing ourself even though we have the knowledge and understanding what going on but somehow we always second guess or leave with even trying. And i reazal we not to different from those preinor from the story. Even when being showed what doing or whatever we still found a way to still second guess everthing .Just like in the story they witnesses the light inside the cave right and took some friend that was inside the cave to go see it but they was unhappy about it and shaving what been discovered.

Plato the wise men tells us in the story that if they could they would have killed this person.A very brief and a very crude telling of the allegory, but what is to follow is a more in depth commentary on one the most potent allegories to be gifted to humankind . Where could been killed but from the moment the begins to ask serious existential questions to the moment where he leaving the cave.He want into five stages of emotional, intellectual and spiritual evolution and it call, Search, Struggle, Breakthrough also Returning. Those five stages leaving the cave used his knowledge and it him another out the cave.

For example:a successful business man who finds out that he has cancal might not make it and shares this news with his employees only to realize that those who have been working for him for years are only worried about their jobs

.And shares this news with his family only to realize that they are concerned with inheritance. It is at this stage that he comes to realize that human existence is a very lonely experience and asks, for the very first time. He feel like his lived his life wrongly, and if so, could he have lived in a different way.

Or, very much like her who upon the passing of his friend comes yearn for a deeper understanding of life. The men on deathbed who comes to realize after his friends and family leave that he is all alone and only he himself must realize the answers to the philosophical questions. He reazile if doesn’t fight for his or turn around won’t see his family no more. While on his deathbed getting treatment fight cancer turning it around found out going to make it and the treatment working killing cancer cells.While his wised is being alive giving second chance to relive his life over again this time make it better. Just like Plato leaving the cave seeing his showed for the first time using his knowledge leaving but took a chance on life to relive and not being chain inside a cave .Both men was giving second chance to live again but not giving up pushing themself and found out what really out here waiting for them. Not being scared to take a chancel for onces understanding can get hurt or other will follow you and some will not. But it okay not guessing yourself but go for it.”

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