Is Equality? or Distorting of Inequality

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America has undergone tremendous changes over the last few centuries. Most of these changes were aimed at bringing equality to the American people in all spheres. It was never an easy struggle. There were many sacrifices and conflict. As a result, America has enacted different laws that declared the rights of all Americans and guaranteed that all human beings are equal. However, equality in American laws is mainly concerned with equality at law (formal equality) but endorses a notion of substantive equality. Everyone is equal through the law, but not in society. Disparities in racial and gender still widely dominate debates among Americans. Some people argue that the government has not invested enough to make all Americans equal in relation to economic empowerment and wealth. Despite the existing laws on equality, inequality still manifests itself among the American labor market and general racial and gender. This essay will highlight human rights and discrimination of black people in American political history and how people continue to face challenges amidst the equality laws that exist in the country.

For many years the black community in the United States faced serious issues of racial discrimination. For instance, they were disparities among the whites and blacks in access to education, healthcare, and job opportunities. Also they had higher rate of infant mortality compare to the white community. Discrimination and segregation brought inequality that nearly destroyed and polarized the American community. It was detrimental to democratic values and social economic development. Among the whites and blacks who have stepped on America at almost the same time, black people still cannot escape the contempt of some white people. We must be well aware that equality is not something like this.

Benjamin Franklin is one of the first Americans who introduced the idea of equality and inequality in America. He introduced this idea through the unique identity of America. He persuasively and consistently argued for American interests and American values. He saw America as one collective body that required everyone to embrace science, reason, free thinking, respect to human rights and morality. At the heart of his political thought was the rich understanding of the individual qualities of the heart and the human souls. He understood that human beings were different. However, Americans needed a sense of citizenship, federalism and constitutional rule that respects individual differences.

In the real sense, Franklin’s political thoughts were inclined to having an American society that is democratic and provided equal opportunities for everyone. Through his involvement in the civil organization, he established foundation of equality and democracy in American. As shown in Franklin’s political thoughts, it is impossible to speak of equality without the power of reason. Reason and virtues are the elements in ensuring that the element of equality enshrined in the constitution is made possible.

Franklin’s views can be compared to Du Bois who was also a great leader who played a significant role in the civil rights movement and equality campaign. Compared to Franklin’s views, Du Bois political views can be described as being radical for the social transformation of the black people (Stein 2015). Although he did not have an experience as being slavery, he fought black human rights and the need to have equal rights by all Americans. DuBois ideologies were based on the American conservatism unlike Franklin believed on continuity and change to the American values to ensure equality especially for the black community. In contrast Franklin, as “Founding Father,” Du Bois embodied America’s conservative ideas, values, and beliefs with his trumpeting of industriousness, modesty, individualism, and civility. The power of this American ideology was also widely advanced and shared by the political thought of Du Bois, Washington, Rand and Prince in their quest for ethical leadership.

Both Franklin and Du Bois shared the idea that despite the violation of black people by white American, they need to play a key role in helping themselves out of social equality. They needed to empower themselves and ensure gender equality and respect for one another in order to elevate their position in society. They both argued and believed that black need to earn equal human rights through social economic means and empowerment through equal education and equal employment opportunities. However, one of the major differences between Du Bois and Franklin is that Du Bois believed that it would be impossible to gain equitable economic rights and human rights for all Americans when there socially inequality still existed. In this case, Du Bois was concerned with the racial and gender inequality experienced by black women.
As the Land claims, if you pursue protecting individual rights, you must agree with capitalism is the only system that can protect and protect individual rights. Human rights are moral concepts, and individual rights are means to subjugate society. All political systems exist on certain ethical standards. However, the United States has succeeded in making society subjugate its moral code. The principle of personal rights restricts national power, and extended morality into the social system to subjugate power. The United States was the first moral society in history.

Although the nation has worked hard to establish a system for equality, racial discrimination and gender issues continue to exist. The national system would not be able to solve this problem. Without black and white, there is no gray. If it is a moral field, it must be able to distinguish between good and bad first. It’s not to treat with justice those who should not make moral judgments about others but must be morally tolerant in everything. It’s a great responsibility to clarify moral judgments. Most people are politically neutral because of their fear of responsibility. However, there is no way to escape form the facts that people have to make a decision. As long as there is moral value, moral neutrality is impossible. The gray principles never exist.

American equality that is lack of rationality can be best explained through the analysis of the alternative right ascendancy within conservative strands of American politics. The alt-right ascendancy was dominantly expressed through the policies of Ronald Reagan who advanced a system of political beliefs, which advocates for American conservatism. Most of the alt-rights believe and support republicanism. American exceptionalism and American tradition perceived threats arising from socialism and moral relativism. Most of the alt-right proponents believe that individual liberty as one of the critical traits of American values and democracy. However, this view contradicts the modern American values which call for increased social justice and equality.

The alt-right is thus one of the greatest moral views that have significantly contributed to inequality and racial discrimination of the black people in the United States. There is a need for all Americans to place greater value for social equality. Besides, the government should play a significant role in ensuring this goal to be achieved. The alt-right ascendancy also contravenes the principles of the US declaration of independence which acknowledge that all Americans were created equal with certain unalienable human rights. Most of the anti-immigration rhetoric, race-baiting ideologies, and anti-women sentiment seems to emanate from the al-right ascendancy. Despite the political affiliation, the contempt for democracy and its racist and inequality undertone are as a result of the political corruption of the American conservatism.

The American political and social landscape will have changed significantly by the year 2050. The period of 2020-2046, Americans will see a significant increase in the population of the current racial and ethnic minorities. Even if American government is considering limiting the number of immigrants, it is quite difficult to control incoming population. According to Stein (2015) the political future is likely to rely on the views of the current racial minorities. It is with no doubt that social and economic equality will be one of the critical features that will define the political thought of this period. Currently, most of the black people in America are aligned to the Democratic Party, hence the future points to democratic ascendance. Politicians have begun to throw away racism openly. The recognition of racists has become a world recognized as a kind of “devil.” This problem should not be used to agitate public opinion and unite political parties. Many politicians and the media must continue to communicate moral judgments about the issue to the public. It’s still very difficult for the press to face the reality. It’s been a long-standing argument to beautify and talk about racism not racially tinged remarks. Every country had political conflicts. However, it’s deplorable that politics in which racism is supported and claimed to be appropriate. Those who try to solve this problem will find it very difficult. This is a very simple result. From a moral standpoint, black and white are too obvious. Clearly, it is very difficult to get everyone’s consent. We cannot solve the problem by accusing a racist. Their essential grievances and shortages must help the nation. It is necessary to understand why such complaints occur in the social structure. Everybody should be equally treated and people know it very well. In a dream society, where all people respect each other, people should not discriminate other people based on skin color, language, origin, race, gender, or religion. Both sides need to admit different views. It is not a matter of who is right and who is wrong. We have to accept each individual as he/she is, and in a comprehensive anti-discrimination measure against all forms of discrimination and prejudice against migrants, elderly people and minorities. It will be a reality if we have a steady interest and effort, not only because we respect each other’s diversity, but also because of out shared dreams.

In the last two elections, the Democratic Party got more than 90% of the black vote and more than half of the Latino and Asian – American votes. Therefore, the demographical trends in American politics point towards the demise of Republican politics. What this means is that more issues and arguments regarding polarization will follow. At some point, we all might experience some level of hardship due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity or etc. We are not in the age of slaver, however if you look around and take close look for daily life of colored people living in the United States, there is still inequality. How far will this inequality go from now on? If racism prevails in this modern society continually, it will amplify discrimination in a wider issue. In most of the studies related to the future of the American politics, researchers argue that the dominant force among the minorities in America is not their preferences to the Democratic Party but rather the social-economic inequality that makes them question their place in American social- economic landscape. The need to have equality among men and women, white and non-women will define American politics. Parties that would run a multicultural and multifaceted campaign that takes into consideration the basic human rights, equality and gender balance in social-economic opportunities will likely dominate American politics.


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