Intriguing Play that Shows the Flaws that each Character Conveys as the Story Unfolds

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“Lastly, all of these elements added up to create an emotion filled story that addresses social issues during his time period through the flaws of the character’s personalities and their actions. The author creates an intriguing play that shows the flaws that each character conveys as the story unfolds, provides us with an insight into a variety of social issues, and effectively uses writing elements to move the audience. The audience begins to catch on how each character is different then one another and how weak, dependent, and foolish women were portrayed as they relied on men for just about everything, which is the overall theme of the play. The fact that Stella refused to believe her own sister of the rape makes the audience wonder what was going on in the play writer’s mind. Some critics have said he targeted the women, more specifically Blanche, because of (insert quote) and the gender inequality that was present during their time period. The diction used in the play of numerous literary devices and stage directions helped guide the play to give it a more indepth experience for the audience. The music ultimately set the mood in the play because it was played when something significant was happening, especially in Blanche’s life or her encounters. The men, such as Stanley, were constantly trying to prove their superiority and dominance over women like Blanche during the time period of the late 1940’s. The play writer raised awareness to numerous social conflicts that emphasized the repressiveness of women, listened and spoke for those victimized and forgotten by society, and show that everyone is secretly always hiding something. Through the use of elements including plot analysation, characterization, thought, diction, music, and elements in the setting, this play is so keen in detail of literary aspects over the issues presented and it follows it’s reputation that makes it one of the best plays ever written.

In conclusion, “A Streetcar Named Desire” is known as the greatest play to have ever been written because of obvious reasons. The true thought that is put into every detail in every scene and character proves why this play is more than an entertainment, but a masterpiece in addressing many topics in a more subtle way. After analyzing every detail in this play, the reader was opened up in a meaningful way and can recognize that the literary elements put into this play was the reason for its overall success.”

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