Influence of Parents on Teenagers

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Updated: Apr 26, 2021
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Influence of Parents on Teenagers essay

Parents play an dominant role in the influence on teenagers. When teenagers start to grow and go out into the world, they interact with one another. Parents and peers are similar in origin but different in practise. They make friends, fundamental people, people who they trust apart from their parent, people who they see every day. Their friends which all these people influence them which makes them to be around people like that. The similarities and differences between the influence of parents and peers varies under beliefs, behaviors, reliabilities and character.

Most of the similarities and differences between parents and peers rely on how a person was brought up and whose influence penetrates a person more using beliefs,(morals and religion) behaviors, and decision making. Parents influence teens nowadays based on beliefs through morals, religions and culture. Religion plays a huge role influencing a teenage life because, they grow with them, and some prevent them from harmful things, why some also gives them a negative mindset towards the people around them. For example in christianity religion the bible says: ‘’Respect your parents so your days can be long”. This proverb put some teens in fear from disrespecting their parents and it reduces the inferior their mate put i them when their mate try to make them do something bad.

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Religion also confuse most teen to think in a negative manner. For example: one day i asked my parents what if my child happens to be gay and they said that they would send the child to nigeria to cure the madness out of him/her, that it can’t happen, its evil. So the teen grows up thinking other sexualities are abominable.Religion helps teen to prevent early stage pregnancy, through the proverb: “some young people and parents claimed religious authority for strict views on issues such as sex outside marriage and homosexuality” (Howarth). Culture also impacts teens in differents ways through their parents, because it helps teen create hope when there is none for a brighter future. For example: in my country going to school is not a choice you make, it has already being set in motion by the parents and society.

Teens tends to do the abominable just because their friends are making them feel inferior or doing it. Peer pressure is one of the abilities that teens use to infuriate themselves which also pushes a child to go against the parents rules. Peer pressure can also be a positive thing because we are constantly being pressured at any age in both negative and positive way. The negative impact from peer pressure could lead to eating disorder, lack of focus in school, excessive thinking, sickness and committing suicide. while the positive impact from peer pressures is that a teen can join an after school program because their are doing it, which is also helping them build their self esteem and building physical and creative skills. Peer influence helps a healthy social and emotional growth in adolescents. (Boruah 127).

Teen influences decision making negatively and positively, because it can push a teen to become more confident in themselves or to do something they might end up regretting in the future. For example: when a friend was going through emotional breakdown he couldn’t bring himself to say exactly what was going on with him because his friend put the mentality that being soft and sad if for the weak, so he thought asking a fellow classmate for a quick help would solve the situation, then he became physically better but academically challenged because he started partying and smoking a lot to reduce the stress. He made a quick decision based on what was told by his friends.

There are rare positive peer pressure even though it provides potential positive development in individuals. Peers and beliefs varies because as they grow their beliefs change. For example as teens the friends you make influence you about how to fit in, by telling teens that you need a lot of friends to fit in, or you need to party and drink. But as you grow up you realise that it only slows your future down physically and mentally your beliefs change for the better. Peers are not particularly huge on religion because peers shuffles too so they impact behaviors and reliabilities more. Peers influence both positive and negative behaviors An example of peers influencing behaviors is manipulating a fellow to student to do your bidding to achieve a goal or when a group of friends are studying it will persuade the student who wasn’t planning to read to get a book and look like they belong. Peer influencing is the most impacting resource in the society today.

Because most teens barely listen to their parents, while some have no parents figures in the theirs lives. ‘’peer influence can lead teens to engage in new activities that can help build strong pathways in the brain’’. (Scholastic 7).

In conclusion,parents play a crucial role when it comes to concerning teens, parents and peers are similar at first but as they grow older, the similarities grows to differences and differences grows to impacting. The individual have to choose whose impacting will influence better. Beliefs, behaviors, reliabilities and character varies between parents and peers because they go hand in hand to groom a person, they also have abilities to impact using similarities and differences on both end. Parents and peers are similar in beginnings but different in action.

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