Ideal Market for Singapore Airlines

The Singapore airlines was established with high standards of safety and quality among its competitor in Asia markets. The airline provides air services which includes in-flight services, air transport, ground services and aero-engine services. To keep the firm in the markets, it has undergone several revolutionary changes in the area of the management and services in order to move in the same phase of the aviation development and changes. The company upgrades it expertise and modernize the management for the favour of the customers needs.

As it is the culture of the Singapore Airline, the company aim at dominating in the global market, high quality of the staff services to the customers needs and good relationship between its employees worldwide. The company gives unique services to its customers as compared to its competitor. Providing the customers with sense of friendliness, warmth and individual pride make the company attract more customers thus enhancing the growth of the company’s market.

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For instance, when on board and in waiting section the customers are served excellent services and food with warm towels, smiles and detailed attention from the staffs.The staff support of the Singapore Airline is composed of people of different diverse who have different number of characteristics, skills and personalities in the company.

The combination of these different skills and attributes among the company’s staffs create a very strong staff support where the ideas are shared to come up with best ideas on the running of the company. The skills and the knowledge are passed to other staff. The staff are educated by the company on how to be efficiency and productive to the company to reduce the unnecessary loss. This is done by organizing educational programs and training to the staff to improve, upgrade and uplift their performance.


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