Human Geography

Geography of Howard County

Howard is a county in the central part of USA. According to a census that was done in 2010 the county has a population of 287085 people ( It is a very famous city and it is known as a very wealthy county among the various counties in the US.

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For this reason, most of the people living there enjoy a quality lifestyle that is provided by the county’s rich resource endowment. Moreover, the county is known for containing the most excellent schools in the whole state. According to statistics Howard is a third highest median household income and this makes it A lot of recreation facilities are found here and this makes it a very lively county where people flock to utilize their leisure time (

Most of the wealthiest people in the United States of America prefer living in the county and for this reason most of them are employed. 72 % of these people provide a civilian labor force. out of the remaining percentage 28% of people work in other sectors of the economy such as private organizations and self employment. Moreover research has that only 4% of the population who are not attached to any job. This is a clear indication that most the people in the city enjoy a high standard of living. Economy wise, Horwad has not been left behind, according to the 2016 statistics on economic growth this county was ranked as one of the topmost counties which had shown positive growth on both the availability of job opportunities as well as other economic opportunities.

In the Howard County, there is a mixture of the residences, it hosts people of diverse colors and cultural differences as well as of different classes. Furthermore, there exist all kinds of homes including homes for married people as well as for single young people. Therefore the place can be termed as one of those which promote the socioeconomic differences. The residents of this county are also religious they either undertake their worship practices in churches or in synagogues. From this, we get to know that the place has a mixture of faith there are both Jews and the Christians. There is also a cohort of people which prefer worshipping in an interfaith center.

However, despite the differences in their religion the people love each other  they embrace a sense of neighborhood. I nutshell, because of the sense of neighborhood that is prevalent in this city it suffices to conclude that there is a sense of community in this place. In fact, this is one of the things that make this a better place for people to reside.Howard has an appealing physical environment, the good residential houses that are built in the city makes the place beautiful and enticing for people to live in. Moreover, the place is clean with a good climate that attracts a good number of people, especially from Outside County.What makes Howard a unique county in the United States is the harmony among the residences. This makes it a good place for investors as there is a certainty of their businesses to thrive.

Moreover, the place is technologically advanced, another factor that is constantly attracting the investors. Technology has also made a significant number of people to migrate there so as to work in the many industries that are there ( the County has attracted a good number of people as a result of the many advantages that are there, it also needs some improvement in future. First, according to research, there is a significant number of people who go to work while footing, this means that despite the fact they, they are lowly paid. Therefore the county government ought to implement measures aimed at increasing the remuneration of the workers.

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