How to End Poverty in the Country

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Updated: Feb 10, 2022
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How to End Poverty in the Country essay


Topic Sentence: Although there are not many solutions, therapy has proved to be one of the best treatments for people who have experienced trauma.

Evidence: From a previously stated book by Collins, “There is general consensus that, in addition to treating the symptoms of PTSD, treatment of disorders related to chronic trauma exposure must also address the 14 following: improving the child’s sense of safety; using problem-solving techniques for minimizing additional stresses; diminishing dysregulations; and promoting resilience by clearing up maladaptive beliefs, rebuilding a sense of mastery, restoring trust in self and others, renewing a sense of positive meaning, and making connections to appropriate supports.”

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Commentary: A type of therapy included TF-CBT, which is treated with only the child, only the mother, and then both mother and child together. This therapy showed the best results in recovery. Other ways could be through social workers, communities, counseling, and mental health care facilities. As for women, giving them a sense of empowerment improved self-esteem, courage, confidence, goal setting and more for women in poverty. Counseling proved to be the best help for women in poverty in many ways such as gaining self-confidence and how to cope with poverty by improving political and cultural factors. Therapy is expensive and can add up over time, but there are many programs that can offer help with this.


Topic Sentence: The US government offers many programs for people in poverty, but obtain strict guidelines and rules that prevent those people from receiving help.

Evidence: USA Today Journalist, Kelly Kennedy states that “Health and Human Services released the report as the White House defends the federal health care law passed last year, which was intended to address growing health care costs as well as ensure all Americans can afford health insurance. Republicans have pledged to repeal the federal health care law, saying that government should not take away individual choices and that the law will cost too much.”

Commentary: Kennedy also found that over hospitals are owed over $49 billion, but people are unwilling to pay it. The government pays around 75% of unpaid bills through direct payment or Medicaid. Hospitals were willing to make some cost reductions in Medicare payments so that the government would insure 32 million people. Only 12% of uninsured families are able to pay the full hospital bill; people making $88,000 a year are able to pay it, but only 37% do. Many uninsured families virtually have no sign of savings, and they pay up to two-thirds more than insured people due to insurance companies able to negotiate the price. This was one step closer to helping people in poverty, but it still leaves millions without the tools they need for a healthy lifestyle.   

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