How Deforestation Lead Flooding in Cambodia

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Forest is a precious resource. It is the home for wild animals, the oxygen for human, providing food and many more important than we could think of. In this recent year, Cambodian people keep cutting down trees for their own need blindly without fear of reflection of the impact. Nevertheless, the ministry of environment in Cambodia setting up the strong law and also penalty for those cutting down the forest in illegal area. However, the deforestation still existing in the deep forest and keep carrying actively in the night time.

Yet, the trade of those luxury timber was trade to country nearby as well as the consumption in our own country. All those huge amount of tree that used convert into furniture, houses, firewood, even paper. Additionally, the tree have a role function of absorbing a portion of water to support the whole body system. Moreover, it can avoid disaster such a flood, it absolutely need water to build up the organ while too much water can cause a problem to human. Is deforestation a seriously influence that contribute flood in Cambodia?

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Cambodia is a developing country where the population rates are raising dramatically in this recent years. However, the remote’s citizen still be undereducated, they have not learnt about the benefit as well as the drawback of destroy up the forest. Almost of Cambodian’s concentration are duplicate deeply that money is an essential asset they can’t live without. In this manner, people are cutting down tree day by day for their daily life consumption and for sell to make some profit. Nonetheless, Cambodia is known as the place where many kind of luxury timber and natural resources are growth.

Likewise, most of foreign investor are seeing the great precise resources in Cambodia that inspired them to put in a hug of capital investment such as digging mine, illegal trade of timber, furthermore some investor cut down trees to replant them with rubber tree instead. According to Kerala agricultural university “the land to be brought under cultivation should be clear of all vegetation “Moreover, the consumption of wood to manufacture as furniture is very concern in this modern world in order to provide to demand of people life style of those luxury timber as the furniture or decoration of their house.

Prey Lang is the name given to the largest forest in Cambodia. This forest containing a massive capacity of old age trees. If the wood has an increment of its core ring, the trader might be extract and give a highly price value to it. “The major reason that damaged the large forests is the high quality of valuable log” (The Ponheary Ly foundation, 2016). Consequently, people slightly taking a risk to go into deep forest looking for the large wood with the rings of wood growth and expected of earn a lot money from middleman. According to open data website of Open Development Cambodia found the following:

Cambodia forest cover has reduced dramatically in the recent decades. In 1973 were 13.1 million hectares of total forest, but by 2014 the total cover had fallen to 8.7 million hectares. For the first time in the 41year period, the percentage of non-forest ground cover 48.4% was larger than that of forest cover 47.7%. (2016) Most of the loss are dense forest which trader set as an expensive valued. Additionally, most of timber and block are being export to outside the country.

There are other several reasons that could be an expansion of deforestation. A few number of citizen that live nearby the swamp forest could possibly ruin down those trees too. Generally, they continue to fill up the soil freshwater swamp forest in order to expand the area to build their shelter since the increase of the birth rate. Besides that, to be secure that supply meet the quantity as needed in domestic country or even export to overseas, farmer have to increase their agriculture area to produce more output. Therefore, the majority of farmer took over the floating forest by chop down trees that offensive to them and fill up with soil to replant their crop.

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Deforestation are pull off many problems. All of this problem striking human and also animal as tree is play in role of ecosystem which support the organism to live. Therefore, flood is the most concerned factor. Tree is the key of avoiding flood, since the leaf of the tree have ability to hold raindrop, after a while those water will evaporate back to the atmosphere. “After the rain, there will be a round shiny raindrop on the flat leave of tree” (Bluegrass Trees, 2014).

Generally, roots of the tree have duty to absorb the water from the ground to support the whole body of the tree. Moreover, roots can hold up the soil in place in order to reduce soil movement from breaking to the bank. Roots can erode the soil to reduce mudflow, this make sure that there should reduce the tendency to having flood than normal. In addiction, one trees can not be blocking the flood from whole society however if the conservative is efficient the society might be safe from inundate.

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