How could the Great Depression been Pre Tive

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Updated: Oct 20, 2022
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The Great Depression started in 1929 and lasted through 1939, where over a short period of time drastic changes occurred not just to the United States but also other countries that were involved in the United Nations. Even though the economy suffered, unemployment increased and the stock market fell this could have been prevented looking back at it now.

The start of the Depression was caused by the engagement of the government decision over the nation’s economy and also the life of Americans as well.

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It was a time of great depression and a huge accident which was followed by sadness which influenced individuals to disregard the riches, development, and success of a decade ago and confront new and financially out of line states of working together and living conditions. Clearly, the Great Depression impacted diverse nations in various routes, in an alternate time and rates of seriousness. The hardest impact was experienced by the American and European economies. Japan and Latin America endured less. Huge endeavors, little organizations, agriculturists, families around the nations experienced the emergency which caused keeping money freeze, the decrease in the buyer request. Inappropriate approaches of the administration drove the fall of the yield in the United States, while the purported highest quality level, which gave settled cash trade rates to all nations transmitted downturn from the USA to different nations and made the emergencies worldwide.

The Depression affected the lives of countries, the legislature needed to respond and to act. In 1930 Congress passed the Tariff Act to give an assurance to American industry from outside contenders. It depended on high charges on a major item scope of imported merchandise. After this paper, world exchange fell enormously, the organizations couldn’t supply any longer, and exchange got no opportunity not to fall. It kept going until Franklin Roosevelt with a Congress passed a new law as per which the president could arrange to bring down taxes. The Federal Reserve failed in its fundamental task to act as a lender of last resort and failed to stem the decline in the supply of money.

The Federal Reserve kept interest rates low throughout the 1920s which encouraged banks to make risky loans believing that the economy was expanding. The late decision to raise interest rates in 1928 and 1929 was an attempt to limit speculation in securities markets, but in effect slowed down economic activity in the US and tightened credit. The failures by the Federal Reserve included a slow response to the Great Depression. The Gold Standard Act of 1900 had been passed to prevent the country from printing too much money and running out of gold. The law restricted the Federal Reserve from enacting policies which would significantly alter the growth of the money supply and limit the inflation rate. The United States continued to retain the gold standard until April 25, 1933, when it was finally dropped as a means of combating the Great Depression.

The Great Depression caused a spike in unemployment while the economy and stock market fell. It was one of the factor for the Great Depression with the cutbacks of jobs and the few accessible jobs for those who could keep some stability. It showed that minorities were hit the hardest with the unemployment spike than other whites as they continued to live in bad situations. The increase of mortality rate of the head of household diminished as mother’s had to step up and take care of the family causing a disorganization during this period. There were a lot of cases where children were reported to be malnourished and deprived of their families. Fathers would leave for other cities to help aid financial stability for their family and would sometimes leave them abandoned.

The men suffered humiliation to have to ask for aided assistance to support their own families to try their hand at farming or mining. Some families left their homes vacant to try to find some type of means to supporting their families but the devastation of loss was too much to bare. The factors during that this time was struggling to keep the workforce but of such economic strife that these people had to endure during this time. The overproduction of food surplus became an issue when people could not afford the food to live from. Even though, there was a overproduction of food from the farmers so the deflation of prices on food because there only a few that had money so it buy food those who could not afford the basic necessities. People felt that this could have been prevented if President Hoover took a better role in his involvement of not protecting the people and not staying on top of government issues to have prevented such measures after World War I.

Clearly the Great Depression influenced something other than the United States, yet the hardest impact was experienced by American and European financial matters. The share trading system smashed in 1929 didn’t admirable motivation the Great Depression, it prompted an animating of a worldwide emergency. This was because of the market being overbought, exaggerated, and preposterously solid, rising even as monetary conditions were not supporting the improvement. By year 1933, half of American banks had fizzled, the joblessness rate was high, and around 15 million individuals didn’t have employments. Numerous individuals rely upon the share trading system particularly huge organizations in this way, when it begins to crash it sent everybody into a frenzy and outrageous withdrawal of their cash.

The Great Depression turned into an overall drop of the twentieth century. It was one of the poorest and longest long stretches of low business movement that the US has ever confronted. Each industry was influenced by this emergency they forcefully rely upon the stock since it enables them to work together in the nation. The organizations didn’t have any cash to spare laborers, so they needed to terminate specialists, lessen compensation, and other cost. Every single American client quit burning through cash, getting pay rates, and purchasing merchandise as much as they did before. As an outcome, many sold their offers that they had in the share trading system so as to make a benefit. In the event that individuals weren’t so eager, innocent, and continually searching for an approach to make easy money then the Great Depression could have been forestalled. Americans put excessively confidence on what they basically don’t comprehend, and don’t think about the repercussions that could pursue as a result of the occasion of the Great Depression.

The Great Depression in all was a terrible experience for those who were able to survive it and those that succumb to it. Granted there was no food to eat or clothes to wear and families lost all their ability and sheer will to live to provide for their families. While government sanctions were trying to come up with ways to better the economy, and find jobs for the jobless this was not going to happen overnight. Just like it time to for The Great Depression to run its course, it would be longer for countries and the people in it to find their way back to employment and necessities that they were stripped from. Yes, the production of farming became a sure way for folks to live back in during that time, but there were so many preventative measures that the government could have taken in their decisions to have stop this from occurring. People had to learn to make wiser and better choices than before to not have this situation repeat itself. The stock market over time rebuilt itself, but it not everyone was trying to make a quick buck like before because of the set back during this era. When you know better you do better and people started investing in themselves.

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