How Blood Changes Macbeth

In Macbeth, William Shakespeare, there is a lot of chaos going on and one of the main reasons for the chaos problems is the topic of blood. Macbeth shows a lot of different personalities in this play about the things that show the most change are how he acts. He changes by not really caring how other people may feel. In Macbeth, William Shakespeare blood is one of the main topics because it shows how much Macbeth has changed from what he has done, what he has had his warriors do for him, and what he has done to his family.

He changes dramatically throughout the play, through his actions, and through his personality. For example, I have done the deed.(Shakespeare 2.2.18-19). This goes to show that he has done killed his king and that everything has fallen apart for him in that very moment. After he has done the deed he had brought his wife into the murder by her going and killing the servants, My hands are of your color, but I shame/To wear a heart so white.(Shakespeare 2.2.63-64). This shows that he has done two things wrong in his murder and that he does not want to believe that he has done what he did do. Before this, at the end of Act 1, he and Lady Macbeth were backstage talking about killing Duncan so that Macbeth would for sure become king. This shows that he is willing to do anything to seize his moment and that he is not scared to do something that may cause him to harm in the long run.

Macbeth shows that blood doesn’t mean that much in the world that he lives in because he only has very few restrictions to reconsider what he has done by murdering his king. He shows blood is not a problem to him by not knowing his own wife’s cry for help The queen, my lord, is dead. (Shakespeare 5.5.16). This shows that blood has its ways of seeping through to even some of the wealthiest people in the kingdom to even hurt themselves after what they know has happened. He proves blood has no more of a drag on him when he presses on to the war that he fights instead of staying with his wife and taking care of his rightful place in her funeral. Just as he says his self But swords I at, weapons laugh to scorn,/ I’ll prove the lie thou speak’st. (Shakespeare 5.7.13-14). This goes to show that he doesn’t really care about what is happening in his mind because he is to caught up in what he has had happened in the war and what he is causing in his kingdom for the murder of Duncan the king and the suicide of his wife. He only cares about what may happen to him because he sends his servants to do all of his dirty work for him.

Even though there is a lot of blood going on in Macbeth, William Shakespeare there are also good things going on in the play. For example For Fleance fled (Shakespeare 3.6.7). This proves that not everything bad happens to someone good. Like what happened to him when he has granted rule of his city he killed Duncan and it has haunted him ever since. He has sent two people to kill Macduff and his son Fleance We shall, my lord/Perform what you command us. (Shakespeare 3.4.125-126). The servants only killed Macduff. Macduff’s son was able to flee before his servants could kill him which later caused him to have problems of keeping what little peace he had left in his kingdom intact. He not only does bad things in the play he also does good things like fight for his kingdom and keep an open mind about things.

The last reason blood is the main topic in Macbeth, William Shakespeare is because there is really no other topic because there is so much happening in the blood scenes that it doesn’t really stand out. He shows blood has no effect on him once he killed Duncan because he did whatever it took to keep himself as king.

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