How are Organizations Influenced Today by the Civil Rights Era then and Now

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“The minute we look away, the minute we stop fighting back, that’s the minute bigotry wins” (DaShanne Stokes). Blacks and whites in America see racism and disparities in the United States very differently. How we view race, racism, inequality, and the justice system depends a lot on our background. The things that are occurring in our country now are no different than the events that occured in Los Angeles’s 1972, Chicago 1960, as well as New York in the 1970’s and among others . The ideology behind the movement was political and social reform, with hope’s of creating pride, self worth, and equality with non violent protests. Organizations such as the NAACP, Civil Rights Movement, SNCC, CORE, SCLC, Black Panther Party, etc. has and currently still do have a great influence on organizations. These organizations helped with a lot of issues and also gave back to their black communities and also gave a lot of support. They gave the blacks and their community a voice they fought back through marches, speeches, and more. In 2015 the Black Lives Matter Movement did the same thing, and that movement was influenced greatly by the Civil Rights Era.

All of these organizations main goals were to give back to the black communities and to protect the black communities and the people in it. Throughout the years a lot of events have taken place. Police brutality, war on drugs, and poverty. The civil rights movement was established by black americans to gain equal rights, and organizations were established to help the overall task. These organizations has shaped and influenced others. Starting with the NAACP witch was founded February 12, 1909, stated by ( their original purpose was to to establish social, educational, political, and economic equality rights of everyone and to remove race-based discrimination. According to Bynum, Thomas L. in her book NAACP Youth and the Fight for Black Freedom 1936-1965, the youth played a major role for the fight against racial inequality and promoters of social change in black communities. The youth NAACP gave a voice for the youth and also gave a voice for black adults. They formed other organizations and organized many boycotts, non-violent and peaceful, marches and all that came with the help of the NAACP and their influences. The NAACP started bringing attention to unequal education and unequal segregated laws, which made them politically involved heavily. NAACP’s legacy left a long lasting impression on other organizations such as CORE and others.

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The organization CORE was deeply influenced by peaceful and non-violent resistance stated by, The History of CORE. This article also states, The Congress of Racial Equality which is CORE was founded in 1942 as the Committee of Racial Equality by an interracial group of students in Chicago. Many of these students were members of the Chicago branch of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), a pacifist organization seeking to change racist attitudes. CORE attracted national attention in 1960, its active support of the sit-in movement at lunch counters that refused to serve blacks. They organized the first Freedom Ride to desegregate interstate transportation facilities. The riders were attacked so brutally in Alabama that they were not able to continue, but more than a thousand participants, black and white, carried on Freedom Rides during the summer. CORE started to make civil rights workers feel the rise of black political power and gave hope for racial equality. After CORE moved their way throughout the south they started to make their way up and through the north.

SCLC, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, branched off from an organization called MIA. Montgomery Improvement Association the organization would play a leading role in fighting segregation in the city and produce some of the civil rights movement’s greatest and most well-known figures. Also stated from, The MIA was the first predominately black civil rights organization to operate independently of the NAACP. After the MIA had succeeded in its original goal of desegregating the buses, the organization continued to engage in voter-registration drives, student sit-ins, and other civil rights protests until its demise in 1969. Later on in August 1957, MIA became SCLC. Article SCLC History states, they started to discuss the support and movement of nonviolent mass action as the cornerstone of strategy, the affiliation of local community organizations with SCLC across the South, and a determination to make the SCLC movement open to all, regardless of race, religion, or background.

Thus far these organization NAACP, CORE, FOR, MIA, SCLC, and many other organizations listed previously has helped influence the next organization. They have seen and participated in what the previous organization and created their own purposeful organization and then have influenced the next up and coming organization during that Civil Rights Movement era. Now the going taking it forward and moving into the twenty first century how has those organizations listed above and other organizations helped during this time period. There is a Black Lives Matter Movement that was greatly influenced by organizations. There are many other organizations, but here are a few of the many organizations such as the Black Youth Project organization, My Brothers Keeper, and BOLD(Black Organizers For Leaders And Dignity).

Firstly the most well known and popular movement/organization going on right now in the world is the Black Lives Matter Movement. Which was influenced by the Black Power Movement that was founded in 1966. NABSW Honors the Black Power Movement: Making the Connection with Black Lives Matter, written by Kinya C. Sokoya, quoted The Politics of Liberation in America definition of the term black power,””…a call for black people in this country to unite, to recognize their heritage, to build a sense of community…to define their own goals, to lead their own organizations and to support those organizations””.

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