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Hershey, who worked for 6 years without profits, decided to shut down his company and lost all his possessions. But he was not dominated by despair. He decided to travel across the states, moving from Denver to New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. , returning to Pennsylvania with a torch that lit his way. He knew an important secret in the candy world: that the best kinds of sweets made from “fresh milk”, Although he lost the trust of many around him because of his repeated failure and the weak financial situation , but his dream was greater than to be destroyed and a desire and determination to be able to get the support of his mother’s family and one of the investors to give him money to begin a new work, which after the tests to reach the description of the secret ” Crystal Hershey ” Caramel candy, which carries the secret of fresh milk, which won the admiration of a British importer, brought to Milton a large order of caramel candy, which then developed his company to be one of the largest caramel companies in the United States at the time.

Hershey, who was passionate about success, found another way to broaden his horizons in the candy world when he visited a German exhibition of chocolate equipment and devices in Chicago in 1893, realizing that chocolate was a staple food for some and was not just tempororary stage like caramel. He decided to sell his company “Lancaster Caramel” for $ 1 million And buy chocolate dispensers and devices, to start production effectively and successfully. Hershey, who was described as ambitious for the better, bought his family farm in Pennsylvania to launch a company called Hershey Chocolate in 1905. He then built his own town, which included his own company, where he built workers’ homes, recreational parks and a box office. To the bank and schools and hospital, and also put in place laws governing the city and ensure security and safety, and even today we find the city of Hershey industrial tourism keeps its prosperity.

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Hershey’s fortune quickly surged, and he spent part of it in the charity business that still remains in the United States as an orphanage and a school for security and education. In 1945, Milton Hershey died at the age of 88, the man who make failure a ladder to reach his goal and exploited the obstacles to sharpen his abilities to his dream. With a net worth of $22,69B. The Hershey Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolate and candy products such as Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Chocolate bars etc.. as well as manufacturing different brands such as Reese’s, Whoppers, Almond joy & Twizzlers. Hershey’s products are sold in over 70 different countries around the globe.

In spite of Hershey’s Company efforts to establish a workplace that strives to conduct business in both fair & ethical manners, the company still struggled with ethical issues regarding the West African cocoa industry’s unfair & unsafe treatment towards labor workers more specifically, child labors.“Today, close to 250 million children are working in the world. More than 150 million of these children are working in dangerous conditions. Additionally, each year more than 1 million of these children will be victims of human trafficking.” In order to understand this issue in depth, it’s very important to understand the amount of intensive labor work put in ]the process of making chocolate, before the ingredients finally arrive at the manufacturing plant where it gets manufactured as the chocolate we know & love. To produce only one pound of chocolate around 400 Cocoa beans are needed, so the very first step in this process is harvesting the main source, a fruit called Cocoa Pod, also known as the Theodroma Cacao, In order to extract the Cocoa beans from within the fruit, labor workers must split the pod in half using Machetes and other sharp objects. after extracting the beans, they have to lay it out for several days under the sun so it could dry out to acquire the chocolate flavor, after that the cocoa beans are ready to be collected then shipped overseas.

The main ethical issues in this study is the exploitation of children in order to make a profit by making them work in factories that pose a danger to the lives of children physical and psychological, today still company used children in their factories for work in industry where there is hardship for children and they cannot go to school instead of going to work hard that is causes a lot of issues for children life such as physically, mentally, morally or socially harmful and it affect their health, their safety and personal development, it is not fair that children are exploited to make profits for companies . child labour creates variety of issues like premature ageing, deficiency disease, depression, drug dependency additionally, a toddler who works will not be able to have a traditional education and can be doomed to become associate degree illiterate adult, having no chance to grow in his or her skilled and social life. Furthermore, a child who works is going to be additional exposure to a deficiency disease. These youngster’s area unit usually victims of mental, physical, and sexual violence.

To stop this we need to make actions that will save a lot of children from working in a companies instead of live a normal life as any children in this world, the company should understand that there are many solutions that can be taken to make a profit instead of employing children, who does not have the physical ability to endure the hard work, and have no ability to withstand work stress that can cause depression and other mental illnesses, there are many dangerous machines in the workplace that are difficult for a child to understand how to do the right thing and how to avoid dangerous machines and stay save in a factories.

Depending on to the universal theory the action is more important than the result so that will be a lot of solutions such as the company can adopts a number of children and then takes care of their education until they grow up and then are employed in the same company where the quality will increase because their physical strength increased and their experience as well and the profit of the company will increase and as a result will increase their salaries, another solutions depending on to the universal theory is focusing on general development programs for benefiting children wherever potential and plan on project base for the launching of projects for the welfare of working children in areas of high concentration of child labour, Children are taught in a development program like the rest of the world where they are taught mathematics, science, and other subjects. National children labour project, is that the main theme for the rehabilitation centre, give non formal education.

Hershey is not ethically responsible for child labor conditions in the West African cocoa communities because Hershey did what she could to limit the work of children in cocoa farms and the things that Hershey did Hershey has made several commitments to help reduce labor issues in its own supply chain and in the chocolate industry. Hershey is involved in West Africa and the organization that fight child labor in West African cocoa farming. The company is a member of the WCF, ICI, and is one of the eight corporations that signed the Harkin-Engel Protocol. Involvement in these programs and organization requires Hershey to commit to certain standards and contribute to fighting child labor.

I think the clarity and transparency will help in find the appropriate balance and also to be clear in how the transitioning their workforce and how they use their money that has been donated , and also building schools for children will contribute in balance between ethical culture and their stake holders .

The main cause of child labor is the poverty and children’s need for money, It is impossible to see the children of the rich are working in such jobs and this confirms that poverty is one of the main reasons for this problem. One of the best solutions is the company adopts a number of children and then takes care of their education and offer them a good environment to receive the learning in a good way and support them because they are who will work for the company in the future. After many years they will grow up with a good experience and they will have a lot of knowledge about their work and after that the company employ them, let us put in consider that the quality will increase because their physical strength increased and their experience as well and the profit of the company will increase and as a result will increase their salaries.

Learning and growing up of the children will take many years, during the children learning and growing up the company will needs to workers they replace the children that they were work, now we have to find a solution for this sub-problem. Sure, Hershey will not do any action put them in a risky position and stop child labor without guaranteeing who will replace them, so the solution is the company employs one of the relatives of the child as a replace of child with condition that he is adult, whether his father or big brother or any one is adult, as we followed the universal theory in the solution of the main problem, we also will follow it in the solution of the sub-problem, so it is not important if the person who replace the child will work well, we only focus on stop child labor and provide the appropriate environment for workers as much as possible.

The problem is that many children working on cocoa farms and children working on cocoa farms are usually between 12 and 15 years old, but some are not older than five years. Cocoa farms are a dangerous environment for children, and the risks are that the application of pesticides, Work with sharp objects such as knives and machetes, work without safety equipment, and work in environments full of snakes, insects and other dangerous animals. I think the company should make new decisions to solve this problem, for example the company must first The company should work on educating the children who work for them until they grow up and then they are employed in the same company as the quality will increase because their physical strength increases and their experience will also increase the company’s profit.

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