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Hate crime Essays

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General Strain Theory: Sexual Minority Group Illicit Drug Use

Words: 1836 Pages: 6 3466

Introduction The topic of my paper will be about illegal substance use among sexual minority adults and adolescents (also known as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender LGBT populations) and how it is explained by the General Strain Theory GST using internal and external risk factors. My paper will explore this particular deviant behavior using a […]

Topics: Hate crime, Homosexuality, LGBT, Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Social Issues, Substance Abuse

Hate Crime Laws

Words: 507 Pages: 2 3760

*Hate crime laws have been used since 1968. Hate Crimes seem to be a problem in today’s world. In 2017, according to the FBI, 49 percent of hate crimes are by African American Bias. Roughly 58 percent of religious hate crimes were against Jewish believers. For sexual orientation, roughly 58 percent of hate crimes are […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, Gender, Hate crime, Human Rights, Human Sexuality, Injustice, Justice, Morality

Coming Out: Feared or Loved

Words: 2414 Pages: 8 3957

“Coming out is a big step in someone’s life. According to Open Education Sociology Dictionary, coming out is, “The social, psychological, or political process and act of recognizing and acknowledging a sexual or gender identity within oneself and disclosing this to others.” For people coming out, it can help them feel relieved to finally get […]

Topics: Adolescence, Bullying, Coming out, Family, Gender, Hate crime, Human Sexuality, LGBT

Critical Analysis of Hate Crime in the U.S.

Words: 3563 Pages: 12 4530

Within the last 10 years, hate crimes based upon sexual orientation have increased by 30% percent, around 1300 crimes per year, with many more incidents around the United States unreported. Hate crime must be defined by Federal statute and the government afforded the power to enforce sanctions against violators to insure the safety of the […]

Topics: Crime, Hate crime, Hate speech, Injustice, Prejudice And Discrimination, United States, Violence
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