Halloween Writing

Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly.


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“Aww, you guys shouldn’t have!” The walls were lined with balloons and banners all saying “Happy Birthday!”.

“Well you can leave everything up to me, I am your best friend after all!” Katie said to her best friend Lura. “I am sooo envious of you big, pretty hazel eyes! I wish I could just rip them out of your head and take.”

“Aw, thanks Kate.” Laru walk in from out of the doorway into Katie’s house.

“Don’t say no, but I have someone that I think you’ll really like. DAMEN!” A tall, handsome man walks in. He has flowing black hair and his eyes are driven.

“You called?” He looks confident and refined. “Wait, is this the girl you told me about?”

“It is! How did you know?”

“Well just like you said, she’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen.” Laru was instantly charmed by this man, whose name she assumes is Damen.

“You probably say that to all the girls.”

“Only the ones who deserve it. Hi I’m Damen, nice to meet you.” He kisses the back of Laru hand.

“And I’m Laru, pleasure to meet you.” Without either of them realizing Katie sneakily snuck out and it was just them too. The two go find a couch and they sit together. They talk and talk, they laugh and laugh. By most people have left and it just these two and Katie. “So, you say I’m the most beautiful girl you have ever, what do you like most about me?”

“It has got to be your eyes. Those hazel perls draw me in. They would be perfect for-.”

“Thanks, I get that a lot.”

“Cause it’s the truth most likely. Say… do you want to head of up stairs?”

“But this is Katie’s house!”

“It will be fine come on.”

“Ok, I’ll come with.” They head thru the kitchen upstairs. Lura walks into the guest room and takes a seat on the bed. Damen walks in and shuts the door behind him.

“Laru your eyes, are just perfect.”

“Uh, thanks again.”

“I want them”

“I said I want THEM.” Damen brandishes a kitchen knife out from behind his back. Laru screams as Damen methodically steps forward. Think, think! Damen suddenly lunges forward. Laru grabs a lamp and smashes it over Damen head. A blood curdling scream comes from Damen as he falls. She bolts downstairs and goes up to Katie.

“Katie! I need somewhere to hide.”



“Okay, in my basement there is a safe room, we can hide there.” She leads Laru to the basement door. Laru opens the door and sees nothing but darkness.

“There are no stai-” Laru gets shoved from the back and loses her balance and falls into the basement.

“Katie? What the HE-!”

” I told you right? I want your eyes. Now stay here, I have to do some clean up.” Laru yells and scream as Katie walks away. The door closes. Laru watches as her last bit of of light is swallowed up by the door until it finally shuts.

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