Filling your Football Facility with Fans or Bust

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Updated: Nov 10, 2019
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Filling your Football Facility with Fans or Bust essay

The issue regarding the football attendance is not unique because one this situation has happen before to the this institution due to the fact of how the football team is performing. This can subtract your attendance just the fact no one wants to sit out and watch your team loss especially in the winter time. According to the data, the NCAA requirement is that at least 1 in every 4 years the school must have at least 17,000 fans per home game. If you look at table 1 you can see that the only time that actually reach the requirement was in 1995.

In order for the marketing mix strategies to work, you need to follow the 5 p’s( product, price, promotion, place and public relation) As far as the product it all falls on the football team. The product is the football team so they need to get better and expand their recruiting. If the team keeps doing worse their attendance will keep dropping they might even lose their actually program due to the funds not coming in the right way.

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Price is something can be discuss. Since they are losing and the attendance aren’t as good as they want it to be I would drop the prices and do some type of deals to attract students and community and etc. During 1993-1995 their average avg. Total sales has been going up from year to year yea it declined, but it took a big jump. If they are trying to reach the 17,00 goal lowering their ticket sales could possibly help them reach this goal.

Going into place the stadium isn’t the best as far as environment. The Northern University stadium was built about 30 years ago meaning it still have things from 1969 still there. I would suggests them to update or upgrade their stadium such as better seats, concession stands and televisions or jumbotrons in it to get a better fan experience that will bring more people to the game. The first thing came to mind was promotion.

The only thing I believe that can save this team or help this team reach this goal. My biggest thing with this promotion part is it have to done well and something different every other week. As I said during the price part doing something the prices and adding a season ticket holder price or even holding events on campus to get student tickets such as campus events, giving away money at these games and free items will differently be something different that the school has never seen.

Lastly, Public Relations is something I kind of struggle with thinking off because its past off of the community and etc. If you aren’t good with your community you will have no public relations. The only thing I can really get from this and try to help the team is go out into the community and have fun to get the love and support you want and need. You can do things such as reading to the elementary, go have lunch with kids and the community and etc.

Doing my research on the NCAA regulations on football tickets sales and promotions only thing I got from this part is that the NCAA reserves the right to disapprove any advertiser, advertisement or other association with the NCAA or its activities that in the NCAA’s violates the NCAA principles, which may be modified from time to time as part of the NCAA membership’s continual review of Association policies and procedures.

Just the restrictions on this situations is going to place a part because she has to get approval from the NCAA which can be a good and a bad thing because it can be limited to certain things. The data that was gathered tells us about attendance profile is that mostly white males and students from ages 19 and older comes to the game. Ages from 38- 49 years old are the season tickets holders( which is probably alumni’s).

With this being said this information is very helpful and can benefit Mc Laughlin because you will know what target of audience you are grabbing attention to. I would recommend McLaughlin doing at survey to get the fans perspective on things and how the fans experience is. Also by doing the survey you can tell how many people attend away and home games so you can see what brings or attracts the community to come to the game.

According a Strategic Analysis is a tool used for sizing up a company’s or sport’s team strengths and weaknesses, its market opportunities, and the external threats to its future well-being. Sport organizations and companies must scan their internal and external environments before moving forward with strategic marketing efforts.

Making or creating a SWOT analysis can assist Williams and McLaughlin because it can help what type of market trends they need to use to reach that 17,00 attendance goal. It will help them in the long run well so instead of just reaching that goal you can see how you can reach higher goals in the future. Just after the SWOT analysis is in affect they can see the strategy and change what route they will like to take.

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