Falling in Love with the Help of Dating Platforms

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When the word “match” comes to mind, the concept of love frequently plays a factor. There have been dating shows, blind dates, and of course falling in love with your soulmate you met at a country concert. But with the pace of life and society nowadays, finding a match made in heaven can be difficult at times. With the struggle of finding “the one”, most people have tried online dating. There have been online communities, such as ChristianMingle, BlackPeopleMeet, among many others. But the more intriguing and exciting new dating applications are taking social communities to different heights. But, are these apps creating false hope for millennials to find true love?

The mix and match applications, Tinder and Bumble, have been a surprising success in dating and meeting new people. The apps are systems of matching the preferences of men and women across a certain distance of where you live. The user may swipe right for liking a profile of someone and swipe left if they are not potentially interested. Creating your account can be tricky. You want to have the best pictures of yourself and also don’t want to be catfished in the long run, one of the many cons of online dating. Sarah Lozuke, a sophomore at La Salle University, has had a great experience with the app so far. “I downloaded the app about a year ago because I wasn’t the hookup type at social gatherings or parties. I’ve matched some weird people but also have met some cool kids. I even met my boyfriend on the app and we’re still going strong.” Through a couple of encounters, Lozuke found her potential match. In my response, the question raised if she is still using the app to search for more potential matches. “Oh no, I am completely satisfied with who I have as a boyfriend. I still have the app in my phone but I don’t use it.” she explained giggling. The app can also be used for hooking up with people in the area. I had asked another bystander in the quad area of campus for another perspective on the art of hooking up on Tinder and Bumble. Megan Burns, also a sophomore at the university, claims “the apps are great for meeting new people and finding flings and stuff like that.” In my response, my question was how that impact her love life in the long run. “I feel like once I start to mellow out and make my way into the real world I’ll be more cautious and aware of how I interact with people, not just hooking up; ‘cause that could be bad”. Burns’ response was one idea to think about; will love last in the generation we live in today?

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The large dating pool is a great way to connect with potential partners that you might never meet in the real world. With the compatibility functions, it’s easy to find someone with similar interests and values. The increase in privacy is also a pro for finding the right one for those who are determined to find the love of our lives online. The developers of the apps Tinder and Bumble have taken a more secure outlet to online mingling by increasing the security measures and privacy settings. The developers also encourage users to proceed with caution; chasing after somebody that doesn’t have the same intentions or interests as you can leave you in a rut. The use of anonymity allows you to be expressive when you interact with potential people on the app. If things don’t work out, you don’t have to avoid someone at the library or in class. Undesirable people are easily blocked or deleted from your life as a whole, so it works in your favor. Again, be careful about interacting with strangers. Plus, if you’re genuinely trying to find the love of your life, the best pro about using the apps is that it may lead to real-life dating in the long run. Online dating is a handy way to meet real people in your community who have real feelings. In the end, your potential pick-up lines won’t even matter because your risk factor is low in creating an awkward space, unlike an actual encounter. Although with good intentions, also come with bad ones walking down the road of dating tech-savviness. Saddening to claim, not everyone online has the best intentions. Some people use online dating apps as entertainment, with no real desire for a relationship. In some cases, the majority being college students, they see Tinder or Bumble as a way of entertainment, trying to get back at a bad partner, or just looking for a hookup. Most people want to scroll through the app just out of curiosity or when they’re feeling down. It’s also easy to get hurt through the process of finding a partner because of the dating apps’ anonymity. Because in the end, not everyone has true aspirations of a long-term relationship. With an abundance of stalkers or creeps, sugar daddy, or sugar mommy-seeking teens, and even bullying. No one wants to become a victim of a online dating disaster, even if you are blue and lonely. Dealing with location can also become a risk factor when dealing with online dating. The world wide web is a very big place, and what if the potential match is in a different state or even country? Love has no boundaries, but the location of your potential mate can very well become a nightmare, and long-distance relationships are always challenging. Along with distance, you MUST be cautious when dealing with strangers. Evil individuals use dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to find potential victims. Whether they are trying to steal your identity, or they are legit criminals, online dating comes with a very real threat of potential danger. These pros and cons are definitely ones to consider when deciding to take part in social media based dating. Whether you find one side more convincing than the other, Tinder and Bumble dating can be quite complicating.

Asking about 100 people on La Salle’s campus, 82 percent of students say they have downloaded or used the two applications. 67 percent of users have found success with meeting up with a match or finding a hook-up within the apps’ usage. And 19 percent of users have found immediate love or obtained relationship status based on matches. With more complex questions concluded from the survey, many find the app as a positive in a college environment. One anonymous response claimed the social media dating outlet “is a gateway to meeting new people and experiencing new things.” That can be true, but does this take away from the true aspect of love? Another anonymous quote claimed, “All Tinder and other dating apps lose the value of love in a real world setting and leaves society interested hookups and inconsistent relationships.” With the intention of claiming love is lost in society, this specific response spoke volume and lead to more research. As it turns out, psychologist Eli Finkel’s research predicted a case in relation of how it could be worse than a realistic relationship. In fact, the mathematical model he used did a worse job of predicting attraction than simply taking the average attraction between two students in the experiment. Sure, the model could predict people’s general attraction to other people and to be attracted in return. But the experiment couldn’t predict how much one specific person liked another specific person, which is the whole point of a connection in the real world. Tinder can ‘potentially’ find your match made in heaven, but not the same way you would interact and communicate in a realistic setting. It’s a tricky aspect of socializing and down the road could leave society in confusion of what love really is down the road.

Now for Sarah Lozuke, her love interest worked out for the better. “I was lucky enough not to find a creep at La Salle, but I ended up with a good one.” she said. Luckily, Lozuke used the app in her favor, and most of the La Salle student body as well. You can check out more perspectives of Tinder and other similar dating apps, here. But hey, maybe love isn’t lost after all in reality, it’s just how you decide to pursue and present yourself through social media; and which of the best profile pictures you use of yourself on the apps.  

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