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This story is about a young women Esperanza, who talk about her past life which she lived in poverty with her family. While reading the book we know now she struggles a lot about finding her identity and that she has a dream, to live in a perfect home where everyone can live. Esperanza and her family finally moved to the house on mango street and things changed. Her house is nothing like she dreams of, it was small and broken down. Her strong desire will make her get out of the poor life. The two harsh reality Esperanza faces are I would say being raped and not being taken seriously. Also, the harsh beauty she faces are when she rides the bicycle with friends and something good that happens in the midst of all bad.

One of Esperanza harsh reality is when she and her dear friend I believe Rachael were visiting this circus/fair an unexpected incident took place. Esperanza’s friend abandoned her for a period, during their visit to this place to specifically meet another male. Since this happened Esperanza was left alone and became vulnerable along a lot of intoxicated people. Now because of the scenarios Esperanza was raped harshly by a male subject during this time. “Everything is holding its breath inside me. Everything is waiting to explode like Christmas. I want to be all new and shiny. I want to sit out bad night, a boy around my neck and the wide under my skirt. Not this way, evening talking to the tress, leaning out my window, imagining what I can’t see”. (pg73)

Second harsh reality is not being taken seriously. When Esperanza was in school for some specific reason, she engages in a meaningful conversation with her teacher. After getting to know each other more Esperanza decided to show her teacher the house where she lived on mango street. Esperanza was embarrassed and hated the situation she been through. This was one of the primary reasons why she wanted a new and beautiful house, her family always move to a new house to house and from place to place. When Esperanza come to know that she is about to have a new house she was excited and happy about it. But it turns out to be bad, when she learns it was a mess just like the pervious once. “People who live on hills sleep so close to the stars they forget those of us who live too much on earth. They don’t look down at all except to be content to live on hills. They haven nothing to do with last week’s garbage of fear of rats. Night comes. Nothing wakes them but the wind”. (pg86-87)

One of harsh beauty is when Esperanza feels good about finding her new friends in this case, they are Lucy and Rachel, who happens to be sisters. As we know that Cathy wants Esperanza to get rid of Lucy and Rachel because they “smell like a broom”. But Esperanza is a smart person and like those sisters so gives up her friendship with Cathy. “Their strength is secret. They send ferocious roots beneath the ground. They grow up and they grow down and grab the earth between their hairy toes and bite the sky with violent teeth and never quit their anger. This is how they keep”. (pg74)

Second harsh beauty is I would say is that Esperanza is disrespectful of an amount of individual who come in her neighborhood, thinking that some kind of bad thing will happen to them. Esperanza did say that she and her friend are afraid in the nationhood as well. “All brown all around, we are safe. But watch us drive into a neighborhood of another color and our knees go shakily-shake and our car windows get rolled up tight and our eyes look straight. Yeah. That is how it goes and goes”. (pg28)

Inconclusion I would like to mention the harsh reality and beauty again which are, the two harsh reality Esperanza faces are I would say being raped and not being taken seriously. Also, the harsh beauty she faces are when she rides the bicycle with friends and something good that happens during all bad. The reason why I have used the specific vignettes is because if you pay attention to it the quotes matches and small topic and makes more sense. Also, not to mention that stereotyping and racism was also an issue on the house of mango street.”

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