Effects and Consequences of Binge Alcohol Consumption

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Alcohol abuse has somewhat become a wall of barrier between many young students and the possibility of graduation. This form of abuse has grown exponentially over the past years, furthermore it has become a great concern as we have seen the statistics of alcohol abuse climb beyond expected limits over the past 3 months. With many of these “prized possessions” having left the boundaries of home where they are nurtured and protected almost every minute, things begin to unroll like the tongue of a chameleon as soon as these young adults enter the environment of tertiary educational institutions, an environment filled with vast amounts of freedom.

The contrast in environmental setting between secondary school and university also plays a vital role as many students struggle to adapt to the pace and life on campus and when the pressure piles up, they find themselves in situations where they could be feeling as outcasts or even experience the feeling of social exclusion. Alcohol consumption is often used as a bridge to overcome challenges such as anxiety, stress, insecurities and relationship trauma however, it is mostly the desire to fit in and the will to build new friendships that lead our future leaders astray.

Excessive alcohol consumption often only worsens or maintains the feelings of loneliness and depression, thus, subsequently leading to a repeated drinking pattern, as a result the workload becomes unbearable and the grades decline, which ultimately leads to student dropouts. Yes, I agree with SABC News, now that NSFAS deposits students’ monthly allowances directly into their bank accounts, having recently changed from the old way of distributing allowances in the form of meal vouchers that served as “guardian angels” that were rather limiting in terms of where, how and what students use it for, it has now come to my attention that students can walk freely into liquor stores using bursary money, thus, it increases the amount and rate of alcohol consumption among fellow students and therefore, largely contributes to high campus rape, unplanned student pregnancies, assaults and murder.

In my opinion, I would suggest that NSFAS evaluate their decisions, furthermore, parents and educational institutions should hold hands and raise awareness of the effects of alcohol. Let us take a stand today, for tomorrow, because any delay could possibly create a generational scar that will remain with us for the longest of time.


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