Eddie Griffin’s Path to Modern Basketball

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Eddie Griffin married at age 16, he married Carla Griffin. He joined the MN Timber Wolves in 2004-2007. When Eddie made it to the NBA, his half-brother died of a heart attack shortly after he made it to the NBA, his half-brother died of a heart attack shortly after he made it to the NBA. Also, Eddie was forced not to finish his senior year in high school because he got in a physical fight with his classmate.

Eddie Griffin was born in Philadelphia, o May 30th, 1982, and his parents got divorced when he was two. He went to high school Roman, and got forced not to finish his final year at high school because of a fight with his classmate, he went to east Hartford Middle school and Goodwin elementary. Eddie was really shy, and Powell’s wife and he emphasized him. When he was in eighth grade he was so shy, but in high school, he finally joined and was one of the best, and top in the top ten players in Philadelphia. When he was eight, his family, (mom, dad, sister Marian, brother Jacques, and brother Marvin) and his mom thought it would be best to live with his half brother Mar, because his parents divorced when he was two.

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Eddie went to college at Seton Hall and went there from 2000-2001. He was a member of his college basketball team and was ranked number nine, and was so good, he got to be on the Houston Rockets, but changed to the MN TimberWolves, and played for the Mn Timberwolves from 2004-2007, because he died in a train crash in 2007 at age 25. He went to Seton Hall University to be a basketball player. He was a great basketball player, that’s why he joined the basketball.

Eddie wanted people involved, and said, “I see young people sitting on the bench and not getting involved for eighty-two games in the season. He was known for moods wings, and in 303 seasons he scored 2,171 points. He was also known for being a professional basketball player. Eddie died August 17th, 2007 age 25 in Houston Texas, in a train crash, he was drunk and ignored the train warning and drove out and the train smashed him.

Eddie was an American professional basketball player, and people will always remember them. He got in a fight with his classmate and got forced not to finish high school. He went to Seton hall university college. He was known for mood swings, his society has he wanted people involved, and he died in a train crash when he was 25.

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