Drinking during Pregnancy Effects on Health

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“There are many mothers who resort to drinking during pregnancy, and do not know how long the dangerous habit on their children, such acts may lead to a large number of negative health effects, which appear clearly on the fetus immediately after birth may reach the emergence of a number of birth defects that Continue with the child throughout his life.

Pregnant women who want to keep their babies healthy can not stop drinking completely and take a little alcohol that can affect the central nervous system of the mother, which is linked to the behavior and behavior of the fetus through the direct impact on the child. Reducing alcohol or abstaining during pregnancy will help to protect the fetus in large amounts, but if the mother continues to drink alcohol even in small amounts, it will put the child at risk. Therefore, the greater the amount of the mother, the more harmful the fetus.

Here are some of the quantities that can cause a range of damage to the mother: If the mother has more than 3 drinks per day, the chance of the mother dropping the fetus will be very high. There is no known safe level of alcohol abuse during pregnancy so avoidance is better. If anyone plan to pregnancy you should know that excessive drinking may cause sexual impotence and fertility problems for men and women; That vital organs in the fetus – the heart, brain, and skeleton – are formed in the first 10-50 days of pregnancy

Minimizing or abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy attempts to protect your child. Continuing to drink, even in small amounts, during pregnancy puts your child at risk. The more you drink, the more amount your child gets. Alcohol abuse in the first three months of pregnancy may cause alcoholic child syndrome, leading to serious problems in your child’s growth and the growth of all of his or her organs. Your baby’s brain grows throughout pregnancy, so drinking in the second three and three months of pregnancy can lead to alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorders, especially since the biggest growth in brain growth occurs in the last three months. The second age.

Symptoms of alcoholic fetal syndrome: There are a range of symptoms and signs that appear on children who develop the syndrome of the fetus alcohol and examples: The difficulty of developing the fetus inside the mother’s abdomen and failure of a large proportion, resulting in the lack of weight remarkably. Small head size in neonates and infants.
The child is exposed to mental retardation when he reaches school age, and this is reflected in his behavioral actions and actions.

The presence of a large range of congenital malformations that affect both the circulatory system and the heart in particular, as well as the presence of abnormalities within the kidneys. Distortions in the facial area, where it shows through deformities that appear on the jaw and defects in the eye area, cheeks and other areas.”

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