Dissertation : Violence against Women

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Updated: Jul 27, 2019
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Dissertation : Violence against Women essay

In old nation woman was personified as a symbol of goddess and devotion to gods. We all have been brought up in a way that orders the honor and respect for the opposite sex. Unfortunately, in spite of such upbringing the same is not followed, the statistics do not reflect this but in fact demand introspection. Statistics shows that every 29 minutes a girl is raped, every 15 minutes a girl is molested and every 4 hours dowry death occurs. According to 2013 global review data it was found out that around 30 percent of women all over the world have experienced physical and sexual violence. Women in her life passes through several stages and in all those stages of her life women are subjected to some sort of violence. List below provides the violence experienced by women at different stages of her life. Abuse of widows, including property grabbing; accusations of witchcraft; physical and psychological violence by younger family members; differential access to food and medical care.

About half of the global population consist of women, but due to gender bias and differences they are placed at disadvantageous position. Women have been victim of violence by the male dominated society throughout the globe. India is a country which is quite known for its culture and traditions and is a tradition bound society due to which women have been socially, economically and sexually exploited from time immemorial. Sometime in the name of religion, sometime in the ploy of custom and sometime due to social norms.

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There is no chance of welfare of the society until and unless there is improvement in the condition of women. A woman is regarded as a foundation stone of a family, who gives birth to life, nurtures life and shapes it and act as a transmitter of traditions and culture from one generation to another. The greatest tragedy in country is injustices done to her. Irrespective of her age, race, caste and religion a women is subjected to various forms of violence during her lifetime. Vulnerability of women in various forms is nowadays a common phenomenon of Indian society. The authorative nature of male members of society even make it worse. In India almost in every second home a woman is subjected to some kind of violence either as a daughter, daughter-in-law or as a wife.

The position of women in Vedic period was similar to the position o9f women in modern western society. They used to be meagerly clad, the proof of which can be seen in the exterior part of some temple sculpture where even the goddesses, the most respectable ladies can also be seen to scantily dressed. Women during Vedic period were given much independence in different areas, which is not true in case with current Hindu society. Women were free to choose their life partners.

During Vedic period women had a glorious position and they shared equal rights with men and women. Women were given all the privileges which was provided to son. Women during Vedic period were not discriminated on the basis of education. During Vedic period Rig Vedic Hymns was composed by at least twenty women. People of Vedic period were so excelled in the sphere of education that the deity of learning was conceived as a female popularly known as ‘Saraswati’. Along with the boys girls were also allowed to enter into Gurukulas.

During Vedic period people were aware of the concept of ‘dan’ or gift but the practice of dowry was not known. Wife enjoyed honorable position in household. She had the freedom of movement and was not confined to the four walls of the house. In some religious ceremonies wife enjoyed prominent place, even the performance of of certain ceremonies was invalid without wife. The form of marriage exsisting during Vedic period was monogamy.

The people of Vedic period were quite ignorant of the possibility of termination of marital bonds. The concept of widow remarriage during Vedic period was in vogue. The brother of the deceased was taking care of the sister-in-law during Vedic days. Women did not enjoy the right to inherit her deceased husband property, however right to inherit father’s property by spinster was well recognized in Rig Veda.

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