Development of the Image of Peter Parker

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Peter Parker was brought up as an orphan by Ben and May who were his Uncle and Aunt respectively. He was introverted as he couldn’t tell his neighbourhood friend Mary Jane that he had a crush on her, and he was also picked on by bullies in school.

Peter alongside his friends, Harry Osborn and Mary Jane and schoolmates went on a school trip where they visited a genetics laboratory. Peter got bitten by a genetically engineered spider that had escaped from its confinement. He got sick when he returned home and fell into his bed. He woke up the following day feeling different; he was no longer shortsighted and he had a more muscular physique. He got to school and also found out he had quick reflexes which later came in handy when he fought one of his bullies. Aside fast reflexes, sticking to surfaces, super speed, super strength, and sensing of danger were part of his newly found abilities.

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With his super power, Peter decided to enter into an underground wrestling tournament so he could get enough money to get a car in order to impress Mary Jane. He registered his name as ‘The Human-Spider’ for the tournament but was introduced to the spectators as ‘Spiderman’. Peter won his first match but was not fully paid by the promoter. Not long, the promoter got robbed and Peter allowed the thief escape. Peter got out and saw that his uncle had been carjacked and killed. He trailed and caught up with the carjacker only to find out it was the thief he allowed escape. He disarmed the thief who later died after falling out the window in the attempt to flee.

After graduation, Peter began to use his abilities to save people and fight crimes. He made for himself a costume and took after the name ‘ Spiderman’. Jonsh Jameson, the publisher of Daily Bugle employed Peter as a freelance photographer as he was the only one who could come up with clear images of Spiderman.

Meanwhile, Harry’s father, Norman who had experimented on himself with an unstable performance enhancing chemical and killed his assistant interrupted a military experiment by Quest Aerospace and killed many scientists and the military’s General. Norman also assassinated Oscorp’s board members at the World Trade Fair after he learnt they were going to force him out of Oscorp in order to sell the company to Quest. Jonah Jameson named the killer as the Green Goblin.

Spiderman swung into a burning building to save the fire victims. There, he met with the Green Goblin and they fought. The Green Goblin retreated, but left Spiderman injured in his arm. Later that evening, there was a thanksgiving dinner held at Aunt May’s home. She had invited Mary Jane, Harry, and Norman Osborn. Norman saw Peter’s injured arm and he knew Spiderman’s identity. Norman attacked Peter’s aunt and got her hospitalized shortly after he left her place.

Mary Jane confessed she was in love with Spiderman who had saved her from harm on different occasions. She asked Peter if Spiderman ever asked of her. Harry who was dating Mary Jane saw her holding hands with Peter and thought she had feelings for him. Hurt, Harry told his father, Norman that Peter and Mary Jane were in love with each other. Norman took the information as Spiderman’s weakness. Dressed as the Green Goblin, Norman took Mary Jane and a car full of children hostage. He forced Spiderman to make a choice on whom to save and dropped Mary Jane and the children from the bridge. Spiderman saved them, while the Green Goblin was mocked by civilians. Green Goblin grabbed Spiderman, threw him into an abandoned building and beat him. Angry Spiderman overpowered the Green Goblin as soon as he heard Green Goblin boast on how he was going to kill Mary Jane.

Norman revealed himself to Peter Parker, who stopped attacking. He begged for forgiveness but at the same time tried to control his glider flying into Spiderman. With his heightened spider-sense, Spiderman dodged the attack and the glider flew into Norman instead.

In conclusion, Peter Parker who was easily picked on by bullies in school got bitten by a genetically modified spider which gave him many super abilities. He dubbed the name Spiderman as he decided to use these abilities to fight crime and save mankind.

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