Dealing with Racial Profiling

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Have you ever been in an awkward situation when you feel you’re being racially profiled and you’re not doing anything wrong? People that bully, or treat people a certain way because of their skin color really leaves an impact on a person’s life. In “Just Walk on By: Black Men in Public Spaces” you’ll see examples of racial profiling and different ways Brent Staples himself went through experiences.

The story begins just a normal day; A man walking down the street when he sees a white woman and she starts to do a slight jog to get away from him. With him having a larger frame and being black she instantly thought he was a ‘bad guy’. The women are intensely protecting themselves from black men who they do not know based solely on stereotypes.

In the essay when he says that people would lock the car doors when he’d pass by I completely understand why they would do that, I’ve done it myself. It’s nothing personal it’s mainly for your own safety you rather be safe than sorry. If you see someone that looks like they will steal or try to rob you you’d probably do the same thing I have been on both sides of this situation by being the one causing fear and the one falling victim to prejudice. I constantly find myself making sure that I am fully aware of my surroundings and the people around me when I am out alone. Just because I do it doesn’t make it right though. Black men do not deserve this unfair treatment. I know how horrible it makes me feel whenever people fear me at the gas station, or the mall and I should not encourage this behavior by engaging in it.

People in the world today deal with racism everyday. It’s not right that just because he had a different skin color he had to do things differently just to make others feel comfortable. As you can see, this was mainly a man telling his story and also he effectively persuades his readers to believe that not all black men are harmful and to stop fueling racism. He also convinces his readers to feel sympathetic towards black men. What would you do in his shoes?

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