Cyberbullying has Became an Industry

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Cyberbullying has become an industry

While many teens do not agree to get punished for what they do on social media,   schools should monitor what is coming into their schools.Social media should have a way to monitor many accounts. Social media mainly contains valuable information from its detail, personal nature, and accuracy. Oboler states in his article,”What computational social science adds is the ability to predict the effectiveness of different message for different people. A message with no resonance for particular voter may seem to objectively provide balance, while in reality making the little impact”(Obloer 2015).

Applications of social science are the area of anthropology and political science can aid in the subversion of democracy. This describes the deep meaning of what social media is. Computational social science involves the disclosure of information to answer the social science which is social media.Schools should be punishing teens for what they post on social media. When a teen is on social media and cyberbullying other classmates that go to their school and it gets back to a teacher or the principal then yes the student’s school should punish that student. Kim shows her grief by saying these words to describe her daughter before her passing.”She was and at the world  and she took it out on me”(Halpert 2015). Kim noticed that Ciara was watching too much tv and not going out with her best friends but she was acting normal. Look for clues, do not be in denial if they are struggling or doing something out of the normal. Getting therapy should not be a form of punishment. Cathy is working with high school students and she tells them this”Kids were taught they could not stay silent when friends talked about suicide” (Halpert 2015). After getting these counselors and told them that they would harm themselves. Halpert says that the act mandates enforcement to teachers yearly certification in suicide prevention training in the states that pass it. 16 states have done so thus far.

In Tennessee alone, youth suicides went down 28% after the law went into effect. Schools should not punish students for what they do off-campus that could turn dangerous. Of course, cyberbullying is permissible but if they allow schools to punish online bullies who operate after school hours, then where do we draw the disciplinary line? Natalie,18, a high school senior states,”When a student is bullying another student at a school, that behavior falls under the school’s jurisdiction, and the administrator should punish the harasser” (Menza 2015). A school’s purpose is to educate students. If  administrator wants to stop cyberbullying, they should teach the student. Not punish them because they are uneducated about the situation. It also crosses the line of privacy for those individuals that do not like their phones to be looked at by the principal once a week. So, where do we cross the line? Natalie states “ It is a slippery slope to reprimand teens for what they do off-campus (Menza 2015).

What about other ruled that teen break? Drinking or staying out past curfew. With these laws teens are in danger for giving schools too much power over our personal lives.Cyberbullying may not happen at your school, but it always makes someone’s life a living nightmare. Schools need to be more serious about school repercussions. You may be forced to see bullying every day of the week but you can do something look for signs have a heart to heart chart with a friend For the change, our society needs to be fixed before the bullying happens not once it does.

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