Crime Cases in Canada

Generally, crime cases are on the rise in Canada despite repeated confirmations from the leadership of the nation that they are on top of the matter. While in most cases these crimes involve robbery with violence, murder, attempted suicide and theft, the mainstream media has never published a paper without either of such crimes. However, as usual police rushes to the scene of the crime collects evidences but with very minimal arrests made for the culprits for most of the cases reported.

While reading some of the crime articles published recently by the Toronto Star, I was struck most by the story of a man in Toronto who was charged in court with attempted murder after two children injured in assault (Aguilar, 2017). CriminologyThe suspect, allegedly 53 years, is facing multiple charges including two counts of attempted murder after an alleged assault on two children, a boy and a girl, in a North York home this past Saturday. Toronto police said they rushed to the scene of attack just afterwards for reports of assault. It is alleged that the suspect was at home with the children, both under 10 years.

Police said he allegedly struck the two children on the head with a hammer, and then choked them. Both children were taken to Sick- kids Hospital in life-threatening condition. However, they are expected to make a full recovery (Goodrum, 2017).In addition to counts of assault with weapon, there are also counts of overcoming resistance by choking or suffocation, possession of a weapon and two counts of uttering threats.

The suspect is set to be arraigned in court for the hearing of the case (Aguilar, 2017). However, in my view, the author of the article though he discusses the matter remarkably, there is much more that he omits and whose readers are left thinking. I am therefore going to discuss about some of the strengths and weaknesses of the article, here now.The police were right in their line of duty to arrest the suspect and arraign him in court to answer charges of committing such crimes. This is because nowadays societal norms do not allow for such crimes. In addition, the law allows and gives right of freedom to every individual. Again, every individual has a right to life and no individual is above the law, as well, not a single individual should infringe others of their fundamental right.

However, it is not enough to arrest the suspect and take him to court, police in collaboration with other agencies that deal with criminology ought to launch investigations as to the root cause of the matter. They should seek to know the motivation behind the attack on the children. These are some of the expressions the article omits (Goodrum, 2017).

In conclusion, it is not uncommon for cases such as those of attempting murder to occur, but it is more embarrassing to read the attempted murder case that was meted to those children, both under 10 years. Moreover, the police took the expected action of arresting the culprit and arraigning him in court but that doesnt in itself help to completely alleviate the vice that is common in the society.


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