Courage Caring and Teambuilding

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Updated: Jan 16, 2020
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Courage Caring and Teambuilding essay

The first indication of the lack of courage in this article was in Carrie herself. After having trained for three months with Kathy and Beth and two months of working independently Carrie was still scared. She had not got used to the unpredictability of the workflow. The other indication of lack of courage was among the night shift nurses. Despite the fact that Carrie was new to the practice and many of the seasoned nurses were harsh to her, none of the nurses had the courage to stand up against the bullies and assist her. Carrie is also seen to lack courage as she opted to take longer to learn something rather than ask for help.

Another indication of lack of courage was from the point of Kathy and Beth. Although they were both Carrie’s mentors neither of them made any effort to assist her when she started working alone. Not even Beth who had worked there for 32 years. Caring Beth acts as the source of the first sign of the lack of care at that hospital. Beth had 32 years of experience on Carrie “due to her lack of care, the only thing that experience did for Carrie’s progress was to intimidate her. Had Beth been caring, she would have used her extensive experience to know the challenges facing Carrie and show her ways to handle each of the challenges.

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The second sign of the lack of care is shown in the night shift nurses. Although they were all more experienced than Carrie, none of them was caring enough to help her out. Their lack of care is also shown in their tendency to insult and segregating her. After Carrie was instructed by the charge nurse to take Mr. K to the cardiac catheterization laboratory, Beth’s lack of care is shown in her refusal to show Carrie how to initiate the process. She rather pointed out how Carrie ought to have known how to do it. The charge nurse is also portrayed as lacking care as he insisted that Carrie should take the responsibility of the fact that Mr. K was late to get to the catheterization laboratory. This he did without recognizing that she was new at the acute care beds or offering to teach her how to initiate catheterization.


Carrie’s mentors provide the first sign of the lack of a team building spirit in that hospital. Both Cathy and Beth could have used their experience to assimilate Carrie into their team. There they would then have shown Carrie and any other newcomer of how to tackle any challenges they could have faced. Creating a team by those who had more experience would have made it easier for the newer nurses like Carrie. The night shift nurses help show the lack of a team building spirit. If they had this spirit, they would have had a team in place by the time Carrie got there. Upon her arrival, they would have included her in the team and as a team, provide her and any other newcomers a chance to learn from the other nurses with more experience.

One of the Manifestations of Lateral Hostility that I have experienced

Scapegoating, fault-findingAfter graduating from nursing school I was lucky to get a chance to train at one of the state’s biggest hospitals. When I got there I found that the other nurses had formed cliques and none of them was very excited about my arrival. They thought that I had someone at the human resource department help me get that chance. They started to look for chances to get me in trouble so I could be transferred to another department. In the event the charge nurse found any poor or incomplete work, the other nurses would inform him that I was the one who was to blame. This continued until I got transferred to something I had not done.Possible Interventions for my ProblemDevelop more open communication and increase access to nursing senior management.

Open methods of communication to the senior management would have provided me with a way to inform the management of my troubles. Lack of this kind of methods made the gap between management and the nurses to be too wide. Reporting the harassment I received was therefore not even an option. If the hospital management had put in place methods of increasing access to nursing senior management (Sauer, 2012), there is a chance that the management could have noticed the bullying. This would have made it easier for me to make my case, the lack of this kind of method meant that any complaints I would have made would have been my word against all the other nurses in that department.


Sauer, P. (2012). Do Nurses Eat Their Young? Truth and Consequences. 43-44. doi: 10.1016/j.jen.2011.08.012`”

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