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O.J Simpson and the Crime Scene

On January 24, 1995, one of the greatest cases arrived to fame which was the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles. The NFL Football star, O.J Simpson became the prime suspect due to the biological evidence found throughout the crime scene and the surprising car chase that lead the […]

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Application of Criminology Theories

Criminology plays a significant role in the current world which is surrounded by criminal offences both locally and internationally. It helps us understand crime, the efforts of the law in improving the crimes and the necessary procedures to follow in the treatment of the crimes. By applying criminological theories which are related to sociology, biology, […]

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O.J. Simpson Case Trial

The O.J. Simpson case was the first of a long line of publicly televised trials. The trial lasted for 133 days and people were consumed with it. It even had the attention of foreign leaders. In 1995 there were a couple ways to measure crime and criminal behavior patterns. One of them was the National […]

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Charles Manson’s Impact on Cults in American Society

I believe one of the legal implications of this case is that Charles Manson and his “family” influenced the ideas of cults in American society. Jeffrey Toobin stated, “In the decade that followed the Manson murders, the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped Patty Hearst, in Berkeley, and Jim Jones’s People Temple, in San Francisco, transfixed supporters, […]

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One of the most Famous Cultist Leaders – Charles Manson

Charles Milles Manson was a cult leader that instructed his followers to commit hanse acts of murder against multiple people around California. Charles Manson always lived around violence and crime since he was very young; knowing this, it brought out some possible ideas for why he became one of the most famous murderous cult leaders […]

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Charles Milles Manson in American History

Charles Milles Manson is of the most infamous men in American History. Mason was born in Ohio in 1934. His mother was 16 years old when she gave birth. Charles mother was an alcoholic and had a criminal record (Kranz, Michael). When Charles was a young boy, he was extremely manipulative and also violent. Charles […]

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Manson’s Popularity

Comes now before you a man accused of leading a cult in the 1960’s. Charles Millles Manson. He formed what became known as the Manson Family. Manson’s followers committed a series of nine crimes. Charles Manson was born November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati Ohio to the parents of Colonel WH Scott SR and Kathleen Mattox. […]

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Charles Manson’s Life

Although he never actually killed anyone himself, Charles Manson is known as one of the most infamous serial killers in American history. Born into a difficult life, Manson’s unhappy childhood helped to lead him down his path of crime. He spent most of the first half of his life behind bars, stopping him from escaping […]

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O.J Simpson Trail

The O.J Simpson case was a criminal trial. Simpson was charged on June 12, 1994 for the murder of his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his wifes friend Ronald Goldman. The case was held in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the trail started January 25,1995 and ended October 2, 1995.During the trial there […]

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O.J. Simpson Guilty

On June 12, 1994, the bloody, dead bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found in the prestigious Brentwood area of Los Angeles by a dog. The dog began barking which attracted the attention of a neighbor who ran over and discovered the bodies on his own. Meanwhile, that same evening, O.J. Simpson, […]

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One of the most Famous Criminals in the U.S.

In 1969, a then 34-year-old Charles Manson, led a cult that killed seven people in Los Angeles (Hughes 2017). All seven killings took place over only a two-day span. These seven murders shocked citizens all across America. Up until that point, most people had not experienced something equivalent to that magnitude. Charles Manson and this […]

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About Malcolm Alexander

Malcolm Alexander was freed 38 years after being wrongly convicted of rape on january 30th. Malcolm was accused of rape of a 39-year-old woman who was managing an antique shop in Jefferson Parish. The woman told the authorities her attacker raped her twice in a bathroom while holding a gun to her head. She then […]

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About Charles Manson

I have been interested in criminals, and crimes since I could remember. I have never been disturbed by anything dark and or twisted; if anything it has become one of my main interests. Charles Manson is a staple name for serial killers. He is widely known for having a swastika tattooed between his brows, and […]

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O.J. Simpson S Influence on Modern America

If you were alive and not living under a rock in 1994, you would have heard about it everywhere you went: on every news channel, magazine, and radio. O.J. Simpson was the #1 suspect in the malicious double murder of his ex-wife/mother of his children Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman in Nicole’s Brentwood, […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1022 Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, O J Simpson

OJ Simpson the True Verdict

The event that started all the OJ Simpson trial timeline occurred near midnight on June 13, 1994, when Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown, ex-spouse of Simpson, were found dead in the entryway of Brown’s home. Four days later, on June 17, OJ is asked to surrender for the two murders of Goldman and Brown. Robert […]

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O.J. Simpson Case

Abstract Today, in America, we are trained that each man and lady is equivalent and we as a whole. merit measure up to rights. In the preliminary of O.J. Simpson, This report takes a gander at specific parts of the preliminary. for example, race and how the race card was played by the protection, the […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1276 Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, O J Simpson

The Wrongful Conviction of Charles Milles Manson

The first: Charles Manson as the ringleader, the main man, the cult king. He ordered his followers to do everything. The other, a group of middle aged “hippies” caught up in heavy drug use committed all the murders. They later accused a mentally ill man who was a delusional schizophrenic that they took in as […]

Pages: 2 Words: 462 Topics: Charles Manson, Crime, Emotion, Mental Disorder, Schizophrenia

The People of the State of California V. Orenthal James Simpson

Trial Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was born on July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California and is a former NFL player, actor, and broadcaster. He is well known for his defence in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman. This trial is one of most popular trials in American History and is […]

Pages: 3 Words: 767 Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, Justice, O J Simpson
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