Brown Vs the Board Case

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Updated: Mar 13, 2021
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Brown Vs the Board Case essay

Way back in the day when the United States was slowly becoming more modern in the 1950’s there was a court case about a man trying to get his daughter into school, she was denied because of her skin color. The case was called Brown vs the Board. It was about a man named Oliver Brown that attempted to enroll his daughter into a school that was only a few minutes away from them instead of the one being over an hour away. When attempted to be enrolled to the white school the principal scorer denied to let his daughter in the school. He later then proceeded to the head of Topeka’s branch at NAACP for further help. The NAACP had recruited more than 10 other african american families for a suit against Topeka School Board. There was many other cases similar in Delaware, South Carolina, and Virgina were all appealed to the United States SC when none of the cases filed were successful in normal district courts. When all these cases came to the supreme court they all got combined into one called the Brown vs Board of education. It was said that separate educational facilities are very unequal. When the case was won the african americans had celebrated! Only for them to find out that the debate was not so over yet and still had a ways to go. Many of the whites had been very supportive of the browns choices and decisions. Lots of protests had happened and had exploded across the streets and cities of the country. This made it very obvious that the nation was extremely dived on the issue and that it would be highly difficult for the supreme court to enforce the decision that has been chosen.

In my opinion, the Board vs. Brown case was a very important event in american history because without the case our society wouldn’t be like how it is today. Due to the Brown vs. Board case all types of people are allowed to roam and do as they please all together in schools. All the different ethnicities and cultures have always made up our country so it wouldn’t make sense that our schools wouldn’t be the same. Schools are like another version of the real world because it is one of the first steps before actually entering the real world so creating a platform for children to all come together and be as one whole, as a community instead of fighting and being racist to each other has been more healthier for them. Schools are where children grow and spend a third of their childhood, so creating an atmosphere where there’s violence and racism and segregation can very likely mold children into the people who created that atmosphere for them. Which would have created a horrible cycle but, because of the Brown vs. Board case, discrimination was no longer allowed or legal in schools. With our schools not being segregated creates many opportunities for all children and allows children’s minds to be molded more better than with violence and hatred constantly around them. Also since allowing all children to go to school together it teaches children to be welcoming to people of all races and to be able to feel comfortable without adults telling them otherwise, especially about african americans.

Today now in 2019 all different races and cultures happily embrace each other and support each other because behind all the races and cultures are human beings. You are a human bean like how i am and the next person and the next person. At the end of the day everyone should have been treated equally together from the start because under all of our skin are the same type of organs, and brain and heart which put everyone all on the same scale.

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