Breast Feeding should be Allowed in Public Areas

Issue to be solved

My issue is that the law should allow breastfeeding in public areas. The act will enable the kids to have a chance to feed anytime they feel hunger irrespective of the places their mothers are. What harm do the babies pose to the society when they breastfeed in public area? The kids may not have any negative effect on the public when they breastfeed.


The interest of proposing this issue is to ensure the kids are given the right to enjoy the food from their mother. These foods are essential such as milk that will enable them to grow healthy and overcome serious diseases caused by malnutrition. Additionally, those who nurture the kids will feel free to feed them in public areas when the law allows them.

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The purpose of this essay is to enable the kids to have access to breast food any time wherever they feel. Additionally, the act will help mothers who work daytime feed their kids who can be brought to them in public and get fed. Furthermore, the act of breastfeeding will act like a regular thing and will motivate women to get children just like the others. Moreover, the act of breastfeeding will increase joy to the kids because they will not suffer from hunger. Their mums will be in a position to nature them without restrictions from both the state and the society.


My audience will be the legislatures and other stakeholders in a workshop. I will explain to the participants the need of public breastfeeding to make changes.How to appeal the audienceI will explain to the audience the importance of allowing public breastfeeding. The explanation will be given by showing both benefits of recognizing and demerits of disagreeing. I will provide an example of a kind who feeds every time and the one that feeds only twice per day and shows the need for allowing this cat to our kids.Working claim regarding the issueThe babies should be allowed to feed any time in any place.

It is the right of kids to enjoy life and feed just like elder people who do so in public areas. Method of researchI will ask questions to the legislators and conduct some interviews to the public and get their views. I will also observe different regions and ask them how they feel about the implementation of this act to the state. The observation will be done to the mothers who have kids currently and assess whether if given the opportunity to breastfeed in public places they can feel free to do so.


I will get the sources of information from the people I ask questions and the books that contain the topics with the importance of public breastfeeding. The keywords I will use are that public breastfeeding is essential to the growth of kids and should be embraced and supported at all cost by the citizens.


My questions are: What about if the suggestion is taken negatively? What if the law allows public breastfeeding but the citizens ignore the act. What if the children are allowed to breastfeed in public areas what impact may it bring to the environment? May the-the act of public breastfeeding become a question of discussion for a long time or it will be taken positively and be implemented by the state.

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