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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Remnick David is both a writer and journalist born October 29 in New Jersey. In the year 1994, won the Publishers accolade for his novel the Lenin’s Tombs: the last days of the Empire. He a graduate from Princeton University. Today Remnick is an editor with the New Yorker magazines. He has written several books including the bridge: the rise and life of Barrack Obama. This was his sixth book to be written by him. Current Rennick is married to Easter Fein a reporter at the Washington Post as well as The New York Times and the couples are blessed with three children. Remnickalso wrote a book entitled the invention of Barack Obama which is a remarkable input to the Afro- American memories lengthy history. In a comprehensive coverage, he looks at the biography of the former American president and the act of self-creation he portrays. The scholar explores the slave trade during the trans-Saharan trade, and he notes” underprivileged of access to education, the paraphernalia of nationality, deprived of the civil rights of selfhood by education, thinking, as well as pseudo-science” Henry Louis Gates notes.

The slaves were denied to be accepted as people who had their history and later own they begin to publish their history in large numbers(Remnick, 2010). . The young Obama searched his clues about his identity reading stories concerning Malcolm X, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin and many others who have contributed so much to black Americans history. The former president wrote the memories 13 years ago while talking about the Dreams from my father and David Remnick use the memoirs envisioned in the story. Michelle Obama notes “Barack is who he says he is ” this novel is major on the journals written by him along with conversation with other members of the family . Moreover, Obama admits having adapted to the standards set by the people such as Du Bois. He read about the history of black people while studying at Hawaii as he to reconcile the world he found from his birth. In all what read he keeps finding authors who were depicting self- contempt.

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However, Malcolm X becomes an exception as he of diverse race, not having self-intentions as well as father.” Obama notes his frequent acts of self-making as to David”. He writes on how Malcolm hated the white people yet not knowing that one day he will live them.” If Malcolm’s detection on the way to the end of the his life the whites along live alongside him, as Islamic brothers seems to present some optimism toward reconciliation, this looked impossible”. Obama notes in his memoir extensive search for his one parent homeland, “during the search a practicable significance of his life as a afro-American.” The story about Barack contains to characteristics Afro- American frustrations autobiographies; the hunt for his absent father, seek again for ethnic uniqueness, also for a mission and community one come from. Nevertheless, Obama is more advantaged as he attends the best institutions, unlike his parents, after a long search for his father finally goes back to his father homeland.

The book is an account at the struggle of back people to live in America and enjoy the full rights like another citizen. It majorly looks at contributions of different to the life of the former president but Malcolm x autobiography is which the Obama notes had touched him so much. Obama recalls that he had no idea of who he was until he read the account of Malcolm X. The book also gives an account of his presidential campaigns and the different and account of varying contribution of people in his life. After a century the racial progress has been achieved. Through the memoir once can see the change in growth of Obama from early life up to the time he was running for the first and second-time president.

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