Black Lives Matter Contemporary Perspectives

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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An exploration of modern viewpoints and interpretations surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, taking into account socio-political contexts, media portrayal, and global perspectives. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Black Lives Matter topic.

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Black Lives Matter started when a unarmed young boy named Trayvon Martin was killed by a white neighborhood watchman. Since then, there was a protest taking place. The movement went major when an unarmed African American named Michael Brown, then Tamar Rice, a 12 year old playing with a toy gun got killed with by a white police officer. Than John Crawford III got shot and killed by police officer name Sean Williams, in a Walmart store while holding a BB gun. The grand jury declined to indict the two officers on criminal charges. The African American community got tired of innocent blacks getting killed from the police so they started the movement Black Lives Matter. The significant reason for Black Lives Matter is because black people were racially profiled for there color. Polices were targeting innocent black people.

Black Lives Matter Movement was created to bring attention of racism and violence for African Americans and equality, as addressed by Dissent Magazine’s The Next Civil Rights Movement, written by Frederick C. Harris According to the article written by Dissent Magazine, Black Lives Matter is an organization whose mission is to build a local group to stop violence to the black community. Black Lives Matter started when an innocent unarmed African American named Michael Brown was killed by a white officer that didn’t go to jail for killing an innocent person. Brown’s stepfather had written a sign saying My unarmed child has been murdered by the Ferguson police. The picture went all over social media and the hashtag Black Lives Matter Movement went viral. Police were killing innocent black people and African Americans were getting tired as it was to the point where they were scared of police officers. The effect of Black Lives Matter Movement was protesting for their rights in front of police stations and going to the courts, asking them stop from being racially profiled. African Americans wanted equal rights and they weren’t getting it because the white people weren’t getting killed by police.

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The article covering the Black Lives Matter movement by Dissent Magazine titled The Next Civil Rights Movement, written by Frederick C. Harris, covers about many unarmed black people getting killed by white police officers. It also covers how black people are treated badly. It starts off of Tef Poe, a struggling hip-hop artist who seen the death of Michael Brown all over the media and got mad and became a Black Lives Matter activist. The protests have erupted since the death of Brown, and the killing of innocent black people. Social media, especially Twitter can reach people by seconds. Then it talks about images of police violence and many black people getting shot by the police for no reason. Black lives matter movement insisted on a group centered medal of leadership.They also go on covering how Black Lives Matter is different from the civil rights movement because they don’t want to make mistakes from the past. The article uses good information with no personal feeling. The chokehold death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, the drive by police shooting of twelve year old Tamar Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, and the crippling condition of Freddie Grey as he was arrested in Baltimore, before he eventually died (Harris). The example shows the author didn’t give personal feelings as he gave facts. It gives an informative style, giving information and giving facts with no feeling.

The news article covering the Black Lives Matter Movement by The Guardian titled #Black Lives Matter: The Birth of a new Civil Rights Movement was Created, written by Elizabeth Day, covers about how the movement was created. It starts off a summary of how young black people are getting shot by the police. It also tells about the protest and how the police officers is trying to stop it. It tells us information of the movement and also videos of the protest. It shows more videos of a event of the arrest of 43 year old man named Eric Garner who was placed in chokehold by a white police officer. It shows also another video of an event at a pool party were a white police officer threw a 14 year old black girl to the ground and pinning her down, and pulling a gun on two teenage boys. The police officer was suspended then resigned. Those different forms of media shows the audience why Black Lives Matter and how the white police officers are treating blacks. More events happen where white officers kill innocent black people and get away with it. Smyangwe’s work claimed that at least 1,149 people were killed by police in 2014, and that 304 of these – 26% – were black. Black people were nearly there times as likely as white people to be killed by police in 2014 and at least 101 them were unarmed (Day). This and example of another way The Guardian really separates themselves from other sources it use how much unarmed African American were killed from the police officers and black people are three times as likely to killed by the police. Like the Dissent Magazine the article shows talked before hand,The Guardian also never put their personal feeling from the author in the article.

A very different way of spreading the Black lives matter movement is shows by #Black Lives Matter: A Look Into The Movement History |Long Story Short| NBC News by the YouTube Channel NBC News. In the video it gives a summary of how the movement was created of how Trayvon Martin died from a white police officer. The black lives matter movement went bigger and Michael Brown died. The Black Lives Matter Movement want bigger and Michael Brown died. The mayor of New York use his condolences to Eric Garner family as he says …on behalf of all New Yorkers I want to offer my deepest condolences to the family I love ones of Eric Garner (#Black Lives Matter: A Look). This is an example of that Bill De Blasio cared for the event because not a lot of senators or mayors said anything about Garner death. Hillary Clinton says stand up and say clearly Black Lives Matter. Hillary Clinton believes that Black Lives Matter.Clinton reaches the audience who had the same beliefs of her about black lives matter.

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Between all the sources always analyze sources and there are different ways to approach the topic. You can be unbiased like, the Dissent Magazine, and The Guardian did good because Arthur’s shouldn’t give their point of view of the article. The video of NBC news on YouTube shows the feeling of the movement and the articles shouldn’t give their point of view of the article. The video of NBC news on YouTube shows the feeling of others, and the Dissent Magazine is a good articles for those who want to know how Black Lives Matter movement was develop and why it is a movement.

Overall, innocent young African-American are dying from white police officers has covered in there the Dissent Magazine and other sources. It’s very important to notice when a source giving their own view.. It’s very important to notice when a source is stating facts, and which sources is giving their opinion. It’s good to understand what is occurring in the source and to notice if it’s biased or unbiased. It’s very important as well if the sources is giving facts and quotes that are good understanding the event. The source should show pictures and videos for a good visual representation of the event, and sharing a personal stories so it shows how affect people.

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