Andrew Jackson .V. Thomas Jefferson

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The presidency of the seventh and the third servings of office can be recognized as early presidents classified who have served in the first thirty years on the nations founding. In this essay i will describe the achievements of these presidents and the impact, challenges and what they did to help the United States in its early years.

Thomas Jefferson-

The presidency of Thomas Jefferson prolonged from 1801 to 1809. Thomas Jefferson was elected over Aaron Burr, the more popular candidate exclusively because of the federalist vote popularized by Alexander Hamilton, the leader of the soon to be dissolved federalist party and previous secretary of George Washington, the first president.Thomas Jefferson was also a founding father of the United States of America. Thomas was a major role in the revolutionary war for America to depart from Great Britain, a nation that controlled the states from across the atlantic.Thomas Jefferson also in his early years of fighting in the revolutionary war, was the main composer of the declaration of independence.

The impacts that Thomas Jefferson had in his presidency were that even before his presidency he founded the democratic republican party, he also favored the opposition of the government favoring the wealthy over the “common man”, later to be seen again in Andrew Jackson’s presidency much later in the history of america. Thomas Jefferson also helped purchase the louisiana territory from frances dictator Napoleon Bonaparte for almost the exact amount of 15 million dollars, multiplying the states size by almost 3 times.

Three challenges that Thomas Jefferson faced in his time in office is that when others believed that they needed a stronger naval reserve he supported and successfully lower the naval expansion. Thomas also wanted to lower government costs and also help change britain capturing of american soldiers and hijacking american ships. Passing the Embargo Act for congress, under the act, american ships may not conduct trade with european nations because of the British hijacking of American ships.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson other than being a ruthless native american controller of mass genocides of the Native American people helped in ways that still cannot be unclouded by the aspect of him being openly racist and biased against the native american people, but can on some level be recognized.

Andrew Jackson won his presidency by showing that he was a common man and was raised west of the Appalachian mountains and was known for his… Native american genocides.
The people wanted a president that was viewed as a man of the people and would help get more land for americans in the south where Native Americans homes resided. Andrew Jackson also founded the Whig party in the United States at the time.

Three achievements of Andrew Jackson in his presidency were that in a act that helped white men who didn’t own property vote in presidential polls. This act was as seen as almost a white spot of his presidency that included little to no racism. Andrew Jackson also cleared most of the land in the south inhabited by the Native american tribes of the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and the Seminole tribes out of the south.

Challenges faced by Andrew Jackson were that he created the spoils system which often lead to government corruption and was a major obstacle that was his own doing. Andrew jackson also in the case between the court versus the 5 civilized tribes and was won for the tribes but Andrew Jackson ignored this ruling and sent all of the rightfully justified native americans to oklahoma during a harsh winter where more than half of them died in the journey.


Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson both served as president in different points in history but the challenges they faced were very different, as Jefferson in his presidency dealt with a French and Britain all out war and dealt also with hijacking of ships, ‘’uncivilized’’ territories and a new government not yet fully prospered by enough presidency to know fully what right and wrong, fully understandable from Andrew Jackson’s point of view and doing. At the time of Andrew jackson’s presidency he faced quote un quote “savage” native americans and was in office at the time of american growth and prosperity. To show that both faced challenges somewhat similar.


but neither can come even close to saints but every story has two sides even if you are a horrible committer of genocide every president takes on a responsibility and in doing that it takes a lot to lead a country as equally great and flawed as The united states and with these two presidents it can be seen that even today america is still growing and we still face problems today and we can look at the past and look the mistakes of it and learn, and i hope this essay further widen your knowledge of these two presidents.

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