Analyzing Primary Resources,Contact and Early Structure

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It is written by two authors who are George Brown Tindall and David E. Shi. Tindall is spent most of his time at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He was awarded a docket of the most crucial historian of the south with a variety of books that are inclusive of the emergence of the New South (Valentine, 2014). Similarly, Shi is a history professor as well as and Furman University president. He has composed a number of books such as American Culture history. Shi engaged in the liberation of the realism in the American thoughts and culture. The document in the text cast light on diverse aspects of the period of time and the readings illustrates historians in the interpretation of an event throughout the book. The book is the tenth edition that was edited to organize the history of America during the time of reconstruction to the current issues of 21 century (Shi & Tindall, 2016). However, the authors composed the first and second edition during the time President Ronald Reagan was re-elected as the president of the United States.

The most important thing about the book gives a timeline of American history and it is relevant to every US citizen to understand the revolutionary process of their countries. Also, the entire human right advocate should read the book as it contains instances fight for equal rights and liberty along with women movements. The survey covers American history from the time of pre-Columbian civilization up to the civil war reconstruction. Moreover, it contains crucial events such as civil rights movements and figure. Also, it comprises social effects of major conflicts, immigration statistics, and accounts of presidential achievements (Manchester, 2013). Similarly, these accounts have a purpose of giving insight to the government and devolution of the rights of people and equal opportunity in the country. The historical context of the book was during the time President Ronald Reagan was reelected into power and the issue of African American rights was still an issue.

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I feel that the author narratives offers an aid in teaching and learning of what happened in America history from reconstruction to reforms of Congress. Also, it offers questions for reflection that encourages the reader to draw conclusion about history through differing interpretation of events and era. For instance, the readings in chapter of reconstruction offer an interesting and crucial confirmation. Following the chapter exercise of President Roosevelt and the proposal of the New Deal, the authors give a variety of important excerpt from the Federal Writers interviews along with depression era participant (Shi & Tindall, 2016).

Hence it remains important in evaluating oneself as the questions for reflection will require a student to assess the interviews from the federal writer’s interviews and discuss what they reveal.In my opinion, the book is somehow important as it chronologically outlines historical events in the United States.

However, they are some parts that are not discussed accordingly since the information is shallow and lack consistency at some points. The practical application for the extra readings leans towards a solid issue, but not specifically analytical in understanding of America history from reconstruction to the present.


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