An Analysis of the Law System in 12 Angry Men, an American Film

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Updated: Nov 10, 2022
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The adversaral system of our country is that whoever presents the best case wins the trial The means that it is possible for an innocent person to be convicted of a on mehathey did not com However, there is a saying in Amencendo this: We drather have 10 guilty people go free ande c ent persone convicted Perse, the period Law). Throughout the movie, the boys he toatait trial was taken by violating his constitutional rights.

12 Angy Men showed that even the strongest case of conviction their can be a guilty verdict. When one of the jurors voted not guilty, and started destroying each piece of evidence one by one, the adversal system became lost. However the 10 guilty ofreenocent gore g cam play. The juror that voted not guilty went through the credibility of each witness that testified. He showed that some of the things they either saw or heard was not accurate.

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The Constitution now gives every single person the right to a fair and speedy trial. From what was told by the jurors, the defense acomey didn t try hard to win the case. This violates the boys Constitutional night to a fair trial. If the boy were to get a guilty verdict, he could appeal the decision to the US Supreme Court, in hopes to get a fair trial, or get out of jail.

Jury selection is a major part of the process of the trial. During jury selection, attorneys pick and choose potenca jurors that can serve. People are ruled out now a days due to prejudice, possibility of knowing the defendant, and if one of the Abomeys doesntike one of the jurors for any reason, they can get that person removed med amount) in 12 Angry Men, one of the urrs doesntike the kid, because he is from the streets, one or was the one that was going to throw the switch on the electric chair for the boy, and one juror didnt really care, because he wanted to get to the Yankees V. Indians game. This again violates the defendants right to a fair trial, because you can get a fair verdict if you have a prejudice jury.

The one juror that turned everyone to agree to a not guilty verdict acted like the Supreme Court without the trial. From what we heard he did more for the boys defense that the defense attomey. He was like an angle sent down to get this boys acquital One juror brought freedom to a boy the was completely innocent but was going to be convicted of wing his father.

An Analysis of the Law System in 12 Angry Men, an American Film essay

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