An Analysis of Self Reflection when we Take Personal Time to Figure out who we Really are as Individuals

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Updated: Nov 10, 2022
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An Analysis of Self Reflection when we Take Personal Time to Figure out who we Really are as Individuals essay

Self reflection is when we take personal time to figure out who we really are as individuals. This is when we are required to stop and think of what makes our world go round. It encompasses thinking of what we care about most, in addition to how and why we act and react the way we do in given situations or and circumstances. Self reflection is a unique element in life that helps us acquire a perceptive of who we are primarily as individuals, above and beyond what makes us to be what we are.

Moreover, it enables us to identify our core principles, not merely by naming what we assess as worth to us, but why those things are generally significant to us. Along with our standards, by taking the instance to mirror on our own personality, we can begin to elucidate our own individual revelation of the people we desire to be, what we wish to do or to acquire in our lives and most essentially how we desire to feel as we undergo life.

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Ever since I began taking these diverse self-assessment tests, I have learned divergent faucets of myself. This was an exceptionally excellent opportunity to look back at my past life experience and analyze the events that have shaped my life. I realized that I am a very Logical-Mathematical and Intrapersonal person who deeply appreciates oneself. I will go through several diagnostics and exercises to progressively illuminate my findings, including: Diversity Quotient, Like to be different, Social Identity pie chart, Big Five Personality, and Multiple intelligence. I will begin to explain my learning process by evaluating my Diversity Quotient.

The outcome of the Diversity Quotient exercise did not surprise me at all because this is who I am. My environment is comparatively culturally assorted. On the one hand, I read and watch foreign materials more frequently since I am an international student and I love travelling which exposes me to diverse cultures. Alternatively, I do not frequently meet or interact with people who are different from me. The major explanation for this is that as a non-native English speaker, I find it tricky and rather difficult to express myself in English, so I am quite vigilant to avoid most public events or activities to the best of my ability. Another explanation for this is that I happen to be an introvert, and in most cases I find myself enjoying my company. In order to apply the concept of diversity environment I am thinking of joining a club in which I will have the opportunity to meet people that are different from me.

In order to complete the assignment of “What is it Like to Be Different?” | got a chance to visit a local gay bar with my American acquaintances. Being a Chinese scholar and a follower of Buddhist faith, discovery of gay life was unquestionably strange and rather self-conscious activity for me. However, was astonished that the people there were exceptionally receptive and enthusiastic. In some way! believe it’s because one of them is interested in my comrade. I enjoyed spending time with them although it is really hard for me to become an efficient member of the homosexual community. In other words, I go along with gay friends, but I certainly cannot give my approval to their sexual inclination. I learnt that the bigger my social network, the higher the likelihood of successful penetration in a social establishment, and entering into social interaction with different social groups and communities helps me in identifying with the world.

The Social Identity pie chart directly reflected my daily lives and character. It mainly divides into six parts by percentages, which are Personal Investment, Self Interest Study, College study, Travel, Friendship, and Fitness. First of all, I spend most of my time on the personal investment ever since 1 was in high school. For instance, stock exchange, funds, and real properties. It was important to me to be economically self-sufficient of my parents. To become a good investor, I am required to read a plenty of investment news, and do information research frequently. Second, I initially used to spend about 2-3 hours on a daily basis on the Internet and reading. The purpose of doing this is to fill up an absence of knowledge, and my interest in subjects. I would do things like watching online lectures offered by universities, following great people’s blogs, and keeping up with the latest high-tech products and developments, particularly e-Commerce.

As a student, it is obvious that college engages a lot of my time, since I must spend time going to classes, and doing homework. Furthermore, travelling is an integral part of my life. Travelling not only help me gain knowledge, but is also a key technique to unwind. I definitely enjoy travelling to the extent that every time I get a break from school I simply proceed on voyages. Regarding my Social Identity pie chart, I have realized that I will need to become more socially fit. I think this is incredibly essential to me to be acquainted with now, and get to improve, since good friendship and health is the key to achievement at both study and future career levels.

The results of the big five personality is Conscientiousness. In one way or the other, it surprised me, because I consider myself more thoughtful. This is because I stay alone most of the time, and I am exceptionally quiet. Alternatively, the results could be true. I have developed the goal-directed behaviour, thinking before acting, and I am quite organized as well. Looking at my past, I was a member of the student association; I would plan daily activities, communicate with people, manage and motivate them as well. I feel like I have changed a lot since I came to the U.S. Perhaps it’s because I think my English is terrible, so I end up enjoying doing things alone, and use simple vocabulary when in communication. This outcome is exceptionally appealing, since it shows my present and past life’s character.

I intensely believe that being in a different environment can make people’s personality different. It is best explained in my current challenges and its impacts in my life. On the Multiple Intelligences Test, my uppermost scores are Logical-Mathematical and Intrapersonal. I did the test of multiple intelligences twice, since my lowest score was Logical math, utmost in intrapersonal since I major in Finance, Econ/Math, and I got straight A’s on all my math classes, such as CAL 1, CAL 2, CAL 3, and other advanced stage math classes. I am incredibly proud of my math achievements, and my satisfaction, pride and confidence are quite evident. Sometimes I feel like I do not essentially enjoy math, but I can do it exceptionally well. This explains why I was so surprised when I got the result for the first time. So I decided to retake the test and the second time made more sense, and actually reflected me.

Furthermore, I am Intrapersonal; I know my personal weaknesses and strengths very well. I am very flexible, for instance, if I really want to do something, I can do it exceedingly well. I prefer putting my weaknesses into consideration while making plans. For example, when I study, I make plenty of time for the subjects that I am not well conversant with, and less time on what I know. The best activities or professions that I should venture into to make use of my strength could be creation of a process to measure something complicated; investigate how a machine works; generate a process; devise a strategy to achieve an aim; assess the worth of a business or a proposal. Engineering, accounting, trading, banking, trouble shooting and directing are some of the fields that I could best fit in. However, my favourite are trading, directing, and I truly desire to become to a CFO in the huge corporation.

We finally conclude that Self Reflection allows us to discover and own’ our traits, both our behaviour qualities and our individual traits. When we are proficient in distinguishing our traits, as we reflect we are capable of monitoring our relations with others. Both from the perspective of why we feel the way we do and our manners that consequence from those feelings. As we exercise this skill of self reflection, we will surely improve at it and our end results will embark advancing enormously. After taking a journey on self reflection, you will make your life incidents and experiences your most valuable basis of wisdom and learning, and your most productive ground for your personal achievement.

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