Ali Al-Shimary Mr. Pasley 8th Grade Language Arts March 4, 2019

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“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin). Vladimir Ilyich Lenin implied this quote to say, with enough evidence you can manipulate anyone. Going to the Giver and Truman Show, this is shown by the constraints, suppression and the manipulation in these societies. In the giver they use medication and in the Truman show, they lie to Truman and keep him contained like a fish in a small tank. Leaving both to leave, both texts have suppression and manipulation.

Both the Giver and The Truman Show have some sort of suppression. Medication for the people in the society in the Giver is used to suppress the emotion to keep everybody in a mildly pleasant mood. They don’t have access to the outside world in the form of normal books and television if they want to leave they get “released” or just killed. In the Truman Show Its all based on a reality TV show about Truman and his life while being surrounded by actors who act like Truman’s friends, family, normal people, and his wife. Truman when trying to go to Chicago the bus driver to Chicago says there is an issue and orders everyone off. Truman doesn’t buy it and gets kicked off by the bus driver. These both show some sort of suppression or manipulation.

In the Giver, they changed the subject on Jonas when he asked do you love me they try to change the question do you like me. They say that they like Jonas but nothing else, suppressing Jonas to conform to society. This makes Jonas question his society. Fast forward to Gabriel and Jonas has a secret kept from his dad. His dad turns out imposes the system of only having two kids assigned. Jonas realizes this and thinks about Gabriel wondering about his family of three, He soon found out about Gabriel and his soon to come demise. He loves Gabriel like his brother, even if he’s not. He’s been manipulated to think nothing is wrong while suppressed emotion, took him and was left in a pleasant mood.

In the Truman show, the main character Truman was an accident, and no one knew what to do with him. The director Kristof adopted Truman and made a reality television show about Truman life in a place called Seahaven. Truman is manipulated. He’s manipulated by the people after telling them what Truman wants to do, Truman wants to be an explorer. His teacher said, “your too late the world is pretty much all been explored” (Truman’s teacher). This is manipulated at its finest with a hint of manipulation, manipulation because they lie to get Truman to stay in Seahaven. Truman gets manipulated many more times than this. Truman always has all eyes watching him. Truman left he wanted to see the world the lies he thought were the truth, he made false.

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