According to Sophie Hui

According to Sophie Hui, with The Standard, a daily Hong Kong newspaper that provides current events and what is happening in and out of schools around Hong Kong. Hong Kong has taken phones out of the school system. School authorities around Hong Kong believe there’s no need for cell-phones because they don’t need to text classmates for social interaction when the students could talk face to face “The policy is for easy management,” he said. “They also don’t need mobile phones to talk to their classmates.” He being Chu Tsz-wing, the principle of the first school to fully ban cell phones, another reason being that having electronic devices in the classrooms causes distraction and it’s a better possibility for cheaters to be victorious in the wrongdoing they are taking place in. By taking cell phone and other electronic devices out of the classroom the school has provided better test scores and a better driven, more educated society. By comparing a map from Times, shows Hong Kong’s reading and mathematics test scores are above the United States.

The United States hasn’t fully banned electronics from schools, about ten schools/school districts in Southeastern Wisconsin ban cell phone use in class to improve the learning environment and social interaction, like Hong Kong, and about nine other United State schools have fully banned cell phones and electronic devices. Shanghai also has a no tolerance code on electronic devices while being educated at school. A video surfaced on a website, a man, in a military uniform was smashing a students phone who brought it into the school and the student was using it during lessons, no mind the rules, according to the South China Morning Post, another high quality, daily newspaper that goes out around China that keeps the current events known to the residence. Shanghai was on the same map that compares Hong Kong and The United States, only it was in the very top right corner, which means that Shanghai has the highest mathematics and reading test scores around the globe.

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